Jetta to China: ‘Im not dead, yet!’

Published June 11, 2009

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Various media outlets previously reported that the VW Jetta was on the verge of extinction in the PRC, and was set to be shelved soon by FAW-VW. Except, its not true. VW arent quite ready to take the Jetta out to the pasture just yet, in fact they are getting ready to give the old girl a makeover:

Although the makeover is just a slight touch up with new lights, a new front grill, and front/rear bumpers, its enough to keep those who want a basic yet rock solid motor interested in the mark2 VW Jetta for at least another 2/3 years.

And lets face it, without the Santana and Jetta pumping up VW sales figures every month, VW would quickly loose ground to the unstoppable Shanghai-GM.




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