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Jiangling’s SUV ready to launch – official pictures

Published November 19, 2010

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Jiangling are a major partner to Ford in China, and as a result they get some fairly decent technology from the blue oval, the engine for the new SUV is from the Ford Duratorq range and will make for a steady power plant base for the new SUV, which is also set to come in truck form.

This is Jianglings first foray into SUV production and maybe one of the stronger SUV vehicles on the market due to its solid chassis and Ford engine, if Jiangling can excel at the interior quality then they will surely have a hit on their hands. Other Chinese chassis based SUVs are a little hit and miss in terms of engine power and internal creature comforts, but Jiangling might be able to the majority right come launch time. The interior itself, especially the dashboard looks very similar to the Ford Focus.

An initial launch date of early 2010 was mentioned, but now it seems that a date of December 5th 2010 has been set for its launch.




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