Jimco’s Trophy Truck Inspired By The Ford Raptor

Published January 9, 2017

Tearing up off road courses and blazing new trails requires a truck that can take a beating. In places like the desert, it takes a special kind of trophy truck to make it without burning out in the hot sun. Jimco Racing’s latest design is inspired by the core of the Ford Raptor to destroy arid landscapes.

Body and Suspension

Starting from the bottom up, 17 inch wheels are wrapped in 37 inch BF Goodrich racing tires. Above these is a custom suspension system to keep the truck from getting rocked in rough areas. The front offers just over 2 feet of travel while the rear gives more with almost three feet.

The body panels are custom fitted fiberglass from a Ford Raptor’s design to keep weight down. These panels fit over the tube frame that offers rigid protection for driver safety. When these are all on, this rough and tumble beast somehow manages to have a slick and smooth look to it.

Power and Utility

Under the hood, we can expect to see wither a Chevy LS3 or a Ford Spec V8 building the power. Either of these engine could take advantage of the lighter weight of the trophy truck’s bulletproof design. Both of these would suit the brutal conditions that the truck is created to tackle.

In the rear we see a completely fitted build that incorporates everything the team anticipates needing. From its full size replacement tire and the gear to change it to dual batteries. The huge cooling system needed vents in front of a toolbox and two easy access fire extinguishers.

Jimco went into this with the Baja 1000 in mind and came out with a contender for the podium. We’re impressed with the attention to details that’s gone into the stripped down and built up truck. Join us in the comments to let us know what you think of Jimco’s entry and share your favorite(s) to win this year.



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