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The Kalashnikov Group Are Making Motorcycles!

So You Want An AK-47 Inspired Motorcycle? Kalashnikov Have Got You Covered…!

Updated August 24, 2018

Gun manufacturers and motorcycles have a long history together but this is the first time that Kalashnikov, the creators of the world famous AK-47 assault rifle, have built a two-wheeled machine. Benelli, BSA, Husqvarna, Simson…the list of gun makers turned motorcycle manufacturers is quite a lengthy read but this is the first time that we’ve heard of Kalashnikov turning their attention to the motorcycle industry, and we quite like what we see.

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The Kalashnikov Group have recently unveiled a fleet of electric motorcycles at the Army 2017 International Military-Technical Forum in Russia. The company has manufactured 50 special police versions to be used by the Moscow police force for use during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. If you were expecting to see the Russian traffic cops pulling sharp corners on sidecar wearing Urals to keep the crowds of lager fueled European football thugs in check, prepare to be disappointed. But come on, they’ll be riding Kalashnikovs instead – which is infinitely cooler.

A Kalashnikov Motorcycle – From Guns To Two Wheelers

Kalashnikov Motorcycle 2

Details are sparse, but we do know that these police bikes will come boasting an impressive range of up to 150 kilometers (just under 100 miles) and that’s about it. Kalashnikov will also be building special models for the military too – in the pictures, you can see that the military variants come boasting a camouflage paint scheme and of course, an all-important handlebar mounted gun rack. For your AK. Obviously.

Kalashnikov Motorcycle 3

Naturally, the bikes aren’t going to be manufacturer by a team of dedicated gunsmiths – instead, Kalashnikov subsidiary, IZH, will be doing the heavy lifting. If you’re not familiar with IZH then here’s a quick history lesson: the first IZH motorcycle was a 1200cc v-twin, shaft driven model built back in 1928, but the fun really began after Soviet Troops basically “stole” an entire DKW factory from East Germany and put it back together in the Ural mountains at the end of World War II. Since then, the factory has produced all kinds of machines. You might not have heard of many of them, put these Cossack motorcycles gained a bit of popularity in the UK during the 70s. Production ultimately came to a halt in 2008…but the Kalashnikov Group have resurrected the factory for their electric ambitions.

Kalashnikov Motorcycle 4

Take a look at the video of the Kalashnikov electric motorcycle in action below and then compare it with the likes of the SilentHawk stealth bike being built by Logos Technologies and DARPA, and tell us which one you prefer…Take a look at the police version first, and then enjoy the beauty of the military version in the video below that.

As you can see, the military one is a little more heavy duty than the police version. It’s nice to see that the police bothered to wear helmets and at least look like they were taking the idea of protection seriously…unlike our bandana and sunglasses wearing friend in the Russian military! Either way, if you want a Kalashnikov motorcycle, then this is what you have to look forward to.

Kalashnikov Motorcycle 5


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