Kawasaki 2017: The Full US Line Up With Specs And Prices

Take A Look At The Full Range Of 2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles

Updated August 16, 2018

After learning that Kawasaki’s awesome ZX-10RR homologation special will be coming to the United States, we decided to put together a full list of all of Kawasaki’s US bound 2017 models. Be surprised though, a few models that you were expecting either no longer exist., won’t be blessed with any meaningful updates or just aren’t arriving anywhere for 2017, and a few odd curveballs have been added to the roster for a bit of brand diversity. While we’ve covered many of these models individually, we’ve decided to put them all into one place for easy reading. These are the 2017 Kawasaki motorcycles that we know of so far…

The 2017 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR Homologation Special:

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 1

Like most of the other big manufacturers and major race players, Kawasaki have finally released a model to join the ranks of Honda’s CBR SP machines, Suzuki’s all new GSX-R1000R, and Yamaha’s R1M. The new RR is a thoroughbred track racer that comes with all of the hallmarks of Kawasaki’s recent World Superbike domination, but this baby is still street legal.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 2

We’ve recently gone over the ZX-10RR in another article, however, for the bare bones of what it’s all about, it comes with: revised engine bits and bobs, a sophisticated IMU, an up and down quickshifter, forged aluminum wheels, and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa rubbers. Available in a unique “Winter Testing” paint scheme, and coming with a price tag of $18,999, it’s an awesome purchase for any die hard track day riders.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 3

The 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000:

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 4

Next up, we have Kawasaki’s awesome Ninja 1000. Coming with a fresh batch of updates for 2017, the new Ninja 1000 is one of the more sports orientated sports-touring machines on the market. Like most top end models for 2017, the new breed of Ninja 1000 comes with a six axis IMU from Bosch that works together with Kawasaki’s in house Cornering Management, ABS, and traction control system for a more comfortable and confident riding experience.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 5

The upgrades are more than just upgraded electronics – Kawasaki have also taken the physical side of “riding comfort” to heart, adding a lower and wider seat, a wider fairing, a double bubble style windshield, and an adjustable clutch lever, and wider mirrors too. Available in standard Kawasaki Candy Lime Green or Metallic Spark Black, both with Metallic Graphite Grey undertones, you can have one of these for a respectable $12,199.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 6

The 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650:

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 7

With a new Ninja 1000, we’ve also got a new Ninja 650 coming our way too. Unlike the 1000 though, the 650 has got a hell of a lot more improvements to the whole package, rather than a few mods and improved electronics. At the heart of the bike, we’ve still got the very same engine, but it’s been treated with Kawasaki’s Assist & Slipper clutch technology, and a new exhaust configuration. We’ve got a whole new frame to look at though: a steel trellis arrangement that cuts the overall weight of the Ninja 650 by a massive 40 lbs.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 8

The new frame now supports a more versatile and upright riding stance, and gives the rider a lower seat height. On top of that, there’s a new adjustable windshield, a new digital display and four color options. Metallic Spark Black, Pearl Blizzard and Candy Burnt Orange are the standard colors, which retail for $7,399. If you want the more classically Kawasaki Lime Green and Ebony KRT edition scheme, you’ll be looking at $7,999. ABS is an optional extra, adding about $400 to the total of both prices.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 9

The 2017 Kawasaki Z900:

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 10

And now for the real star attraction: the 2017 Kawasaki Z900. The Z800 is gone, but don’t worry, the all new Z900 is more powerful, and weighs less than its predecessor. How about that? We’ve covered the Z900 in more detail in an earlier article, but in brief: the 2017 Z900 comes equipped with an all-new 948cc inline four engine that offers 124 hp. The 2017 model comes with Kawasaki’s Assist & Slipper clutch, adjustable suspension, and optional ABS.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 11

The color schemes on offer are Metallic Flat Spark Black with Metallic Spark Black, or Pearl Mystic Grey with Metallic Spark Black. And the cost? $8,399 without ABS, or $8,799 with.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 12

The 2017 Kawasaki Z650:

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 13

Just to make things easier, we’ll just quickly mention that Team Green will add ABS to any of their 2017 Kawasaki motorcycles for an extra $400…it saves having to write it out again and again. Anyway, we’re moving on to the Z650! The Z650 is very much like the Ninja 650: same 649cc parallel twin engine and the same new frame. The difference really, is a matter or weight and style. Since the Z650 is a naked streetfighter, if you minus the weight of any fairings, it weighs a lot less, and claims only 412 lbs.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 14

On top of the new weight and frame, the Z650 also boasts a lower seat, high bars, a new tacho and a cool LCD display. Again, ABS from Bosch is available as optional extra. Color choices include either Metallic Flat Spark Black or Pearl Flat Stardust White, both paired with Metallic Spark Black. And the price? A very tempting $6,999 – without ABS of course.

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 15

The 2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300:

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 16

This is a bit of an interesting gamble for the Kawasaki 2017 line-up, isn’t it? A small capacity adventure bike built around a 296cc twin engine from the Ninja 300…It’s a bit of a head scratcher as to where they were going with this one, especially for the US markets. Now, the trend is definitely there, but up against the likes of BMW’s new G310R styled GS platform, we’re interested to see how it performs. Boasting long travel suspension, a comfortable riding position, a six speed gearbox and an Assist & Slipper clutch, it’s pretty neat. But will it take off? A street version might have been a safer bet to begin with, but what do we know?

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 17

Naturally, ABS is optional, and prices start from $5,399…

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 18

But wait? Where’s the Kawasaki Z900 RS!?

So far, the much anticipated retro-styled Z900RS (the very same model that promises to have a supercharger in the near future) seems to have failed to make the cut. However, there’s still time for them to add it to the roster, and we seriously hope that they do. The Z900RS is one of our most anticipated 2017 Kawasaki motorcycles, and they’ll be missing a trick if it fails to reach the US market…No word on the recently unveiled Z1000 “R” either…

2017 Kawasaki Motorcycles 19


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