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Time To Rethink Buying A Kawasaki H2? Insurance Companies Saying NO!

That Kawasaki Insurance Ain’t Cheap

Updated August 8, 2018

Shopping around for insurance is a pain in the ass at the best of times but if you’re lucky enough (or rather, rich enough) to have yourself a new Kawasaki H2, you might want to hear a tale from the UK. Firstly, the H2 is a serious motorcycle (details about it’s ‘track only’ big brother, the H2R, can be found here) and kicks out a staggering 200hp. It’s not for the faint hearted or the empty walleted, with a retail price starting around $25,000. If that wasn’t price enough, let’s start talking insurance…’cause Kawasaki insurance ain’ coming in cheap.

Firstly, getting an actual quote may not be as simple as just ticking a few boxes online and filling out a few details; as the bike is valued at over $25,000, many online forms aren’t set up to deal with such a specialist request. An investigation across the pond in the UK found some interesting results.

Say you’re a middle-aged motorcyclist, with a clean record, living out in the counties in an area with a low crime rate: to insure the H2, you’ll be looking at shelling out £5,752 ($8650 approx). Changing the details to the capital city, and you’re looking at a yearly bill of £7,183 ($10,800 ish). Now, that’s based on what internet quote engines could sort out. As for an actual human broker? They’re still waiting for a reply.

The Kawasaki H2 Cost Versus The Cost Of Kawasaki Insurance!

Kawasaki Insurance H2

Funnily enough, Kawasaki’s own insurance provider jumped in and offered a quote for £899 (about $1350) providing that your new law breaking machine is fitted with a GPS tracker…which is still an awful lot when compared to the latest ZX10, which can insured for around a tenth a fifth of the cost. Apparently, this is due to the high value and desirability of the bike. As for the tracker? Why aren’t Kawasaki fitting them as standard if they know that potential buyers are going to be ripped off by insurers?

Adding insult to injury, another soon to be H2 owner received a quote around the £5000 mark but then changed the details for insurance on a Lamborghini Aventador 700/4. The result? An affordable £750 instead – which means that the high value and desirability factor is absolute bollocks.

Kawasaki Insurance H2 1

Then again, if you’re already shelling out the big bucks for the all new ‘hyperbike’ the simple matter of insurance shouldn’t be a problem.


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