Ken Okuyama Debuts Kode57 And Floyd Mayweather Buys One A Minute After

Kode57 price revealed at a cool $2.5 million

Updated October 12, 2018

Why would you name a car Kode57? According to Ken Okuyama, the designer of this Ferrariish supercar, it is because 1957 was a great year for cars, motorsport, and car industry. Alfa Romeo 2000, Aston Martin DB Mark III, Jaguar XK150, Maserati 3500 GT are only some of cars revealed in 1957. We cannot actually see the resemblance between the Kode57 and any of them. What we can see is a strong relationship of this design with the previous Ken Okuyama works – notably the Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari Rossa.

Ken Okuyama Kode57 front 3/4

Yes, my dear readers, Ken Okuyama is the man who drew the Enzo. And not only that, he was the lead designer for Pininfarina and the one responsible for the Quattroporte. Also, his designs include the Maserati Birdcage, the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina, and many other cars. What after making all that? The only logical step is to create an all-new car company. Not exactly a car company, but a coach built car.

Ken Okuyama Kode57 side reveal

That is exactly what the Kode57 is! Coachbuilt supercar created on top of the Ferrari 599 chassis. No, it does not look like a 599. More like the Enzo or the Rossa Concept. Yet, that was to be expected as Ken Okuyama is known for creating cars with vertical front lights (599 included) and outrageous body shapes. You see, the Kode57’s front end is strangely hollow. Apart from the massive intakes on bumpers, it features enormous openings just beside the bonnet at front. This surely gives us a unique glimpse on its suspension, but it apparently helps a lot in lowering high pressure around the wheels as well.

What is more, it looks cool. We actually learned that channeling air from the front and pushing it out to the sides will create a bubble of air around the car. Something similar is on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Although, not as dramatic as in this case.

The Kode57 Price is $2.5 million

Even so, Ken Okuyama certainly had a whole different idea with the 599 chassis compared to that what we have seen from the Ferrari. Not only is it outrageous, but it also has insane doors. They open up and backward. The only car we could think of that has similar doors is that mad Audi RSQ concept made in 2004 for the I, Robot movie.

The back is equally radical as the front, but it does feel a lot less Ferrari-like and a lot more I-am-really-Awesome-like. Sure, round lights simply had to be there, but if you skim over them, you will notice they are also hollow.

Kode 57 interior

What is not hollow, but quite luxuriously equipped is the cabin. With centrally-positioned old-fashioned gizmos and climate controls taken straight from Ferrari, the Kode57 definitely feels special. Carbon fiber is there, as well as buttons for Launch control, and transmission. The steering wheel is from Ferrari too. Notice the Manettino Dial. “Wet, Sport, Race, CT Off, ESC Off” – it is all there and the driver will need it.

Powerplant, which actually sticks out up front from the bonnet, is a classic Ferrari V12. Sourced from the 599, V12 churns out around 600 hp, but with the Novitec Rosso tuning (available already), it can be dialed up all the way to 692hp. Even more for the right customer. And there is a customer. Actually, three of them. One is from Japan, the other one is Floyd Mayweather and the third one is a mystery. So, Floyd Mayweather!?

Kode 57 Cockpit

He already has an incredible car collection (Mulsanne, Veyron, 458 Italia, 599 GTB Fiorano, Enzo, 650S, SLS AMG,…), so we are not that surprised he went for this.

Although the car is just a concept, Okuyama did say that limited production run is possible. Obviously, it is already happening. As for the financial side of things, the Kode57 price comes in around $2.5 million which is likely what Mayweather paid for his.

Kode57 Headlight

Okuyama has a lot of faith in this project. In one of the interviews he gave, he said:
“This is the latest chapter in the rise of bespoke. My clients love it because it allows them to be involved in a project from scratch, to work from sketches, and to be intimately involved in the whole process.”

Call the guy, let him hook you up with the Kode57, a car revealed at the Quail Motorsports Gathering.


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