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Kenstomoto’s Fearsome Kawasaki ER-6: “BOBR”

Kenstomoto Are Back With A Robotic ER-6 Custom!

Updated August 13, 2018

Kenstomoto are back, and they’ve returned with one of the most aggressive looking Kawasaki ER-6s that we’ve ever seen! If you haven’t seen Kenny Yeoh’s work before, then we heartily recommend that you take a look at his Benelli TNT “Gundam” custom that goes by the name of “Demolisher”. Now he’s back to wow us again – this time giving the Kenstomoto treatment to an otherwise ordinary Kawasaki ER-6.

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 1

This one’s called “BOBR” and there’ll be no prizes for guessing “why?” correctly. It’s fairly self-explanatory. Even so, this bobber is a far cry from the usual bobber customs that grace the motorcycling pages. It’s fierce, aggressive and looks like a weapon of war. Thankfully, Kenny got in contact with the Paul Tan blog (pictures courtesy of Paul Tan) and gave them the lowdown.

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 2

The ER-6 Custom From Kenstomoto

The first thing you’ll notice is that this ER-6 custom has been significantly lowered for a more comfortable bobber-esque riding experience. In fact, the front of the seat is roughly at knee height. Following his Japanese anime inspired theme, Kenny decided to rework the front instrument cluster and headlight assembly to give it a fierce robotic appearance. The lights have now been updated to Shinyo units, and the instrumentation has been replaced with MotoGadget and Breakout hardware. It works – this could come straight from the pages of an anime story for sure!

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 3

Next up, Kenny swapped out the stock rear wheel in favor of a ZX-10R unit, and shod it with some 180/55-17 rubber to give it the full fat tire effect. Whilst playing around with the rear wheel, Kenny decided to amend the bike’s geometry, relocating the swing arms pivot point, allowing the rear end to stick out and give the BOBR a stretched look. The rake was altered at the front by the cunning application of forks from a ZX-10R, held in place by clamps from the Kawasaki Versys. The key barrel was also grafted to one of the BOBR’s side covers for authenticity, too.

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 4

According to Mohan K Ramanujam of the Paul Tan Blog, Kenny was unable to give them the full specs on all the changes because there were just far too many of them and his mind has understandably been elsewhere: “I’ve been going crazy trying to finish this bike for Art of Speed,” Kenny explained. “I lost count of the number of custom brackets I made for the BOBR.”

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 5

Almost all of the bodywork is custom made, and complimented with an awesome paint job from Jaz Airbrush. The exhaust is also a handmade unit, having been custom welded by one of those unknown fabricators of immense talent, who Kenny was unable to name.

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 6

Kenny estimated that the BOBR has had more than RM20,000 (around $5,000) pumped into the build in components and custom work alone – not including any man hours or labor costs. We don’t know what the cost of a full project would be, but if you want to find out more details about this build, jump on a plane to Malaysia and contact Kenny Yeoh of Kenstamoto – hopefully he can hook you up!

Kenstomoto BOBR ER-6 Custom 7


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