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Kia Niro EV

Kia launches an electric car that can travel up to 385km on a single charge in South Korea

Updated September 18, 2018

The Niro EV has hit the market with lot more power than any combustion engine in the same segment and has a driving range of up to 385 km on a single charge.

On July 19th Kia motors announced the launch of the Niro EV, an electric version of the Niro model. The Niro EV can out power most of the combustion engine based vehicles in its class with a max output of 150 kW or 204 hp and 395 Nm of torque. The 64 kWh battery can give the vehicle a driving range of 385 km and the vehicle comes with another option of 39.2 kWh battery that can travel up to 246 km on a single charge. The vehicle outperforms cars in its class as well when it comes to size and has a total length of 4,375mm, wheelbase of 2,700mm, a  height of 1,560mm and a width of 1,805mm.

The Niro EV come loaded with features which include “Smart Regeneration System” which increase the battery efficiency while breaking through automatic controls, a “Heat Pump System” which recycles vehicles waste heat in the air conditioning system to reduces  electricity consumption, “charging notification system” to notify the driver on the charging locations when a destination is imputed and a remote charging function when the charging times are set in advance.

When is comes to safety they Niro EV come with forward collision-avoidance assist (FCA), driver attention warning (DAW) systems, lane keep assist (LKA), smart cruise control (SCC).

Different versions also offer high beam assist (HBA), highway driving assist (HDA) and blind-spot collision warning (BCW) functions.

Kia Motors stated here are two versions to the Niro EV, the Prestige and the Noblesse, the price for the Prestige is 47.8 million won (US$42,200) where as the Noblesse can be purchased for 49.8 million won (US$43,900)

The Niro EV can be purchased for a even cheaper rate in the city of Seoul with the inclusion of subsidies levied by the local government. The prestige would cost the buyer 30.8 million won (US$27,200) and the Noblesse would could be purchased for 32.8 million won (US$28,900).

Drivers could also opt for the “slim package” who mainly use the vehicle for a short distance. The slim package would have a 39.2-kWh battery which would cost 3.5 million won (US$3,100) less than the 64 kWh battery version.


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