Kuhl Racing Shows off Their new 2016 Mazda MX-5

Published February 2, 2016

When they aren’t out making GT-Rs and GT-86s into metal sculptures on wheels, Kuhl Racing likes to add some flair to cars that are a bit more on the practical side. They have made kits for the Toyota Prius and the Suzuki Swift. Now they have come up with a kit that gives the new Mazda MX-5 a whole new look.


Now it might not surprise you to hear that Kuhl has a fair number of nay-sayers that hate basically everything they do. They make loud, body-kitted economy cars with cambered wheels. Their paint schemes are anything but simple, and when they get their hands on something like the GT-R they can’t help but make it almost too outrageous for even the Tokyo Auto Salon.


In case you missed it and have come out from underneath the rock you live under, they made a Golden, etched-metal wrap for the car and also made the entire engine gold. It was impossible to miss, and had tucked underneath it a custom exhaust system also courtesy of Kuhl. Their MX-5 kit has an optional 100mm steel exhaust system available for a mere $1000.


The body kit requires that the exhaust come out the center, as the diffuser does not leave much room for anything under it. The front bumper and side skirts share the same aggressive cues, with sharp edges covering every side.


One part that really stands out in this kit is that swan-neck spoiler curving over the trunk lid.


Kuhl Racing has a certain style that leaves me unsure how to feel. It is nice to see something that isn’t just a rehashed set of fender flares and a chin spoiler. But their combination of racing-influenced styling cues mixed in with a kind of slightly dated tuner look is a bit… much.


Kuhl Racing seems like a company that is great at creating buzz and likes to have fun. If you like their style, the kit is a pretty decent value. It looks insane, but even elaborate pieces like the spoiler don’t break the bank, the spoiler being only $900. I doubt I would ever be a customer, but I look forward to seeing what they do next.




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