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Daredevil Rider Kyle Katsandris In A Critical Condition After Latest Stunt!

A Stunt Has Landed Dare Devil Kyle Katsandris In A Critical Condition

Updated August 20, 2018

A little while ago, we reported about a crazy stunt that went viral. It allegedly featured daredevil rider Kyle Katsandris, and the stunt involved a crazy ramp built that led up a high bank next to Highway 60 in the Moreno Valley. The ramp was a feat in itself, but what happened next was even better: he successfully jumped the highway, and landed it. Naturally, it went viral.

Kyle Katsandris 1

The story was also picked up by the California Highway Patrol, but because no one could be labelled a “victim” and because a positive ID on the rider was near impossible, the investigation was dropped. With renewed courage, Kyle dreamed up his next stunt. However, this one didn’t have such a happy ending.

Kyle Katsandris Injured From Train Jumping Stunt

His next stunt would involve him jumping over a series of train tracks, ideally with a train passing below at the same time. The stunt has been done before, by Colin Morrison, who successfully jumped the tracks in Simi Valley. Kyle was not so lucky. During his attempt, just as he was about to leave the ground, he hit a bump that hampered his efforts, threw him over the handlebars, forcing him to crash. According to local news, he’s in a critical but stable condition. Check the news report out below.

The legality of these stunts is a massive grey area. We don’t advise anyone to try these out for themselves. However, we do with Kyle a speedy recovery. His stunt rides might not be to everyone’s tastes, but anyone willing to push the boundaries of motorcycling is alright in our book. Get well soon, buddy.


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