Lamborghini Huracan With Rubber Tracks for Snow Rendered

Who WOULDN’T Want A Lamborghini Snow Crawler?

Updated October 28, 2018

As the title says, this is only a rendering – and one coming from Rain Prisk Designs at that. Whether this shooting-brake supercar is actually feasible – we’ll leave it for the time to tell.

Lamborghini Snow Machine 1

However, judging by ever increasing number of custom-built supercars that we see on the streets today, this concept coming to life wouldn’t surprise us. If not exactly a Lamborghini Huracan, then something from the same alley. But, why are there so many supercars that stand out of the crowd these days? After all, supercar by itself alone should be pretty much enough for that. It seems that social media and need to stand out in a crowd drive people with means to do what they do best – spend too much on something as awkward as it comes. How else would you describe golden supercars or even this winter-prepped Lamborghini Huracan? Does someone even need a Lambo in order to tackle snow-covered mountain roads somewhere in St. Moritz, Davos or Aspen? My guess is as good as anyone’s, but the fact that people with this kind of preferences exist is indisputable. Who knows, maybe Rain Prisk Designs have given inspiration to some custom car builders somewhere.



Nikola Potrebić
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