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Land Rover Defender 2014

Land Rover Defender 2014 is a futuristic blast from the past?


This ultra brute SUV is Land Rover’s answer to the more effeminate deliveries made by the company, especially the Evoque. The Land Rover defender has been a staple for the company ever since its introduction in 1983 as the Land Rover 90, 110, and 127. The Land Rover Company was based upon small boxy vehicles that were built for utility purposes and could get you into the areas or other vehicles couldn’t. Through the lifespan of the Land Rover Defenders we witnessed V-8 power or at least a torque happy diesel engine producing the power although the diesels weren’t particularly reliable. Today we see the company under ownership of Tata motors and unlike Ford the company is willing to deliver stunning vehicles as well as popular designs to the public for the reason because you’ve been asking for them for years.

Land Rover Defender MPG’s and HP

It looks as though the Land Rover Defender 2014 will go on sale sometime in 2013. The problem is that we are unsure if these vehicles will make it to the United States. We will likely however I better chance of receiving the vehicle then with the company in the hands of Ford so don’t cross the Defender off your list just yet. With the new vehicle arriving there is one thing for sure that you can count on, that being efficiency, Land Rover does not need another gas guzzling SUV to throw a wrench in the company’s fuel economy standards. Land Rover needs lower emissions and higher efficiency and in order to do that we may just see some unorthodox Land Rover Defender versions such as a hybrid. It looks as though the company will be introducing a possible supercharged six-cylinder that is going to be used in the new Jaguar F-type. If this is the case then we should see around 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. This is already make the Defender a powerful means of transportation but it looks as though engineers are working to lighten up the vehicles design by several hundred pounds over the previous model in order to help with acceleration, efficiency and braking.

2014 Land Rover Defender Price

It looks as though the Land Rover Defender 2014 will utilize the company’s T5 chassis that will also deliver fully independent suspension therefore making this vehicle a dominant force on the trails yet smooth enough on the roads to keep the female passengers from complaining. Look for the price of the 2014 Land Rover Defender to start out at around $40,000 if Tata Motors delivers it with all the amenities of the Evoque. Hopefully they will have some more basic versions therefore lowering the price in the lower $30s which would make a lot more people happy and cause sales to boost. Either way this vehicle will certainly be a winner in my book.

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