Land Rover Defender Spectre James Bond 007

Land Rover Defender from James Bond Movie Spectre For Sale

You Really Should Take A Glance

Published November 27, 2017

The Land Rover Defender that appeared in the latest James Bond movie Spectre is possibly the most badass Defender we ever saw in a movie. The only people who could pull this off in the real world are from East Coast Defender. But, let me skip the story about the ECD for now. Actually, promise that you will get back here after you take a glance at the stunning ECD creations.

You back?

Well, if you are, then the Defenders from the Spectre movie may actually make you think that the ones from ECD are somehow lacking in spirit. More important than that, one of the Land Rover Defenders from Spectre is for sale. Really!

Land Rover Defender Spectre James Bond 007

Not only would you get a stunning machine, but proper James Bond memorabilia as well.

Land Rover Defender Spectre James Bond 007

As you may guess, this is not your standard Defender. I am talking about the Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations touched up off-roaders. Sony Pictures ordered the cars with specific modifications and Land Rover delivered. Ten were produced with nine actually being fully functional at this point in time. One was destroyed for filming purposes. Sad, I know.

Massive modifications include an engine tune-up as well

Based on the Crew Cab 110 Defender, the ones from the Spectre featured 37-inch Maxis Trepador tires bolted on Bead Lock alloy wheels. They hide a fantastic Bowlers race suspension. This includes Bilstein dampers as well. An important addition for sure. But the most stunning piece of external cosmetics definitely comes in the form of the massive wrench and ropes. Boy, did they make the all black Defender look ever more astounding. As the last important piece of hardware, the Exo cage makes the car feel far more important than in its stock form.

Land Rover Defender Spectre James Bond 007

Moving inside will reveal Recaro leather sports seats with four-point harnesses. Look closely, and you may find the hydraulic handbrake. As for the propulsion, SVO additionally reworked the 2.2-liter diesel hiking up the power from rather sad 120hp to 185hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. As you know, torque is the king for this kind of a machine.

Land Rover Defender Spectre James Bond 007

Now, while the plaque inside the Defender actually says that the car is for off-road use only, owners can actually register and drive these monsters on roads as well – these Defenders got UK V5 registration documents. Neat.


Unfortunately, unknown, but don’t expect possibly the most collectible Defender to be cheap. It isn’t.



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