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Land Rover Owners Can Win a Trip to Space

Land Rover and Virgin Galactic Adventure of a Lifetime Sweepstakes

Virgin Galactic Land Rover
(photo/Land Rover)

If you own a Land Rover in the U.S. then you’re eligible to win a ride to space with Virgin Galactic. Register to win between now and June 20, 2022.

A commercial tourist ticket to space aboard a Virgin Galactic flight would normally set you back $450,000. Today though, if you own a Land Rover, you can enter to win one of those tickets for free. The contest is called the Land Rover & Virgin Galactic Adventure of a Lifetime Sweepstakes.

Contest Prize Details

You’ll have to get your entry in by June 20, 2022, to quality, and winners will be announced on August 15. There are a few prizes to win, but only one ticket to space up for grabs.

Trip To Space

The grand prize is a 2,600 mph 90-minute round-trip flight to the edge of space with Virgin Galactic. You’ll spend 5-days training for the flight in Spaceport America, New Mexico, Virgin’s launch site, and then take off for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The prize also includes travel, lodging, meals, and even $50,000 to cover the taxes on the flight ticket. Yes, this actually works out to a free flight to space.

While space tourists no longer get “Astronaut Wings” from the FAA, they should still get the opportunity to buy the exclusive Astronaut Edition Range Rover.

(photo/Land Rover)

More Prizes To Win

While not nearly as cool as a trip to space, if you enter the sweepstakes you’ll be eligible to win weekly prizes, from March 21st to May 23rd. These prizes will be Land Rover gift certificates and branded merchandise worth up to $1,000 each.

Adventure of a Lifetime Sweepstakes

You can read all the rules for the sweepstakes HERE. Basically, you must own a registered Land Rover vehicle in the U.S. and be over 18 years old. If you live in Ohio, Virginia, or Puerto Rico you’re not eligible. The same goes for any Jaguar Land Rover, Virgin Galactic, or other associated company employees.

Register with your Land Rover’s VIN and your email at LandRoverAdventureofaLifetime.com. You can only enter once per vehicle VIN and per email, but if you have a few Rovers and a few emails you can up your chances.

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