Landwind X8 – Landwind back with new action

Published July 10, 2009

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Landwind are probably most famous for the terrible crash test in Europe, where their rebranded Isuzu SUV performed awfully in a crash test, which was then reverberated around the internet and practically killing any chance of Chinese cars going to Europe within five years of that video being posted onto Youtube. Perhaps it was Landwinds fault for attempting to put a 90?s car into the European market, where the German car club, ADAC, put it through their own crash test and made sure it failed. In short, Landwinds short foray into the European market was crumpled and crushed, just like its crash test model.

Landwind are back in 2009, with a new car, the X8, and are planning to show the world that it can do safety, sports, and SUV performance again. The X8 will come in 3 different specifications, a mixture of 4 and 4 will be offered to the public, the engine is an updated 2.4l Mitsubishi MIVEC offering 210Nm/118kw of power.

Pricing has not yet been announced, but is expected to be shown to the media prior to the August 28th launch date.

Although Landwind has suffered setbacks before, CCT is sure that this car is going to put them right again, as it is probably one of the better looking Chinese SUVs on the market.




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