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Landy is coming

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Get ready for Landy! No, thats not the name of some hippy from the 60?s its Suzukis new MPV for the Chinese market.

This month will see its debut on the Chinese market, aimed at families who joint combined incomes is around 100,000rmb per year. A great car no doubt for Chinese families who want to take out both sets of in laws plus their kid. Those seats must come in great use, but imagine trying to turn a corner in the Landy at speed, it seems too be too high and not broad enough, like those little Suzuki jeeps that were famous for rolling over on corners.

We think the car looks really cool from the front, however its a bit long overall. Still, it is a cheap multi functional MPV it can be used to carry people or it would make for a great cargo carrying vehicle. Smaller than a Ford Transit and probably a lot cheaper.

The Landy will cost 80,000 100,000rmb, and unlike the other Landys available in Japan the Chinese Landy will come equipped with a tiny 1.4 16v engine. The Japanese version contains a much more powerful 2.0l engine.



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