Lane-splitting: Be Careful When You’re In Front Of Morons…(Video)

Lane-splitting is a great thing – provided that you’re sharing the road with considerate people…

Published June 5, 2017

Lane-splitting, filtering – whatever you want to call it – is best done with a hint of common sense. This isn’t one of those high-speed lane-splitting videos, it’s just one that showcases the worst part of contemporary mankind… Simply put, it’s this: you can’t trust the person next to you to even pay attention to their surroundings these days. Apparently, that’s too much of an ask.


This video takes us to the Netherlands, where (like most of the world) lane-splitting is a perfectly normal and accepted road maneuver. So, we can see a motorcyclist, and a couple of cars that have stopped at a traffic signal. The motorcyclists quite rightly enters the cycle lane and filters towards the front of the queue. It’s a perfectly legal move, and one that makes sense given the vulnerability of motorcycles in stopped traffic.


Since our rider is a good Samaritan, he pulls out of the cycle lane as soon as he gets to the front of the traffic queue, pulling in front of the leading car, not wanting to obstruct the pedestrian crossing. Granted, his lane positioning isn’t exactly a textbook example, but we understand what he was trying to accomplish. However (and despite the riders best intentions) he didn’t count on the driver behind him being distracted.


The Trouble With Lane-splitting…

Now, we’ve been told that the driver behind was texting on his idiotphone. Though, even slowing down the video we can’t verify that. It doesn’t really matter, because distracted or not, the driver makes a mistake and bumps into the Yamaha FZ1 Fazer rider, sending the bike to the ground. Take a look and watch it unfold below…

It just goes to show that other road traffic can’t be trusted…even when it’s supposed to be stationary. Was there even a phone involved though? Because part of me thinks that car just did it on purpose…


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