Corvette C7R Art Car

Larbre Le Mans Corvette C7R Art Car Is Unlike Any Other

This will definitely Get The Corvette C7R Art Car On TV

Updated June 12, 2017

The term Art Car is usually associated with special BMW vehicles. They have a history of art cars some of the world’s most prominent artists have been working on. We have seen the latest only months ago. However, the Larbre Competition racing team, which will compete at the 24 hours of LeMans this year, revealed their own art car and it is a #50 Corvette C7R Art Car. This racer will be the one to cover miles with Romain Brandela, Fernando Rees and Christian Philippon behind the wheel at this year’s race.

Corvette C7R Art Car

Street artist Ramzi Adek was responsible for the creation of the livery. He gave the Corvette C7R Art Car quite unusual looks and certainly make it far more interesting than any other racer you may see on the track. The most impressive factor about this particular car is that it features special Day-Glo paint. It will light up during night hours of the race giving us an unusual and quite astonishing racing experience.

Corvette C7R Art Car

“Straight away, I liked the idea as it reminded me of images and memories from when I was a kid when we would go to a toy shop and run to check out the latest toy cars with their incredible designs,” said Ramzi Adek.

“Romain gave me keywords that I adapted visually into my pop art style. The main idea of the project was to create a flow of power and strength, which will carry the drivers through the Le Mans week.”

Larbre Le Mans Corvette C7R Art Car Is An Awesome Marketing Move

Corvette C7R Art Car

Obviously, using this color will only light up the track and give us a new insight in resourcefully Larbre Competition team. They know how to make an impact and market themselves regardless of the position their awesome ‘Vette takes at the end.

Larbre is, of course, a long time competitor in LeMans. This is their 24th entry in the French endurance classic. The team won back in 2012 last time. Now, they will compete in the GTE Am class.

Corvette C7R Art Car


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