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The Last Minute Look That Saves You From Getting Crushed By A Motorcyclist!

That’s Why You Should Always Take A Last Minute Look…

An over-shoulder check is an important part of a motorcyclist’s safety regime, but this lucky pedestrian’s last minute look saved him from being crushed to death by a reckless motorcyclist. This incredible footage was caught on camera in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi, and it shows the moment when a man takes a last minute look seconds before a motorcycle crashes right in front of him, in the spot he was standing in mere seconds before.

A Lucky Last Minute Look Saves This Guy’s Life!

Last Minute Look 1

It all could have ended in disaster, but luckily the man takes a last glance and manages to spy an out of control motorcyclist and manages to react with lightning speed, dodging out of the path of the careening vehicle at the last minute. We don’t know what caused the motorcyclist to drive directly into a parked scooter and a wall, but judging by the rider’s reaction, he doesn’t seem to know either. As you can see in the video, the rider appears to be shaken but unhurt – a miracle, considering the force of the impact.

Last Minute Look 3

What’s even more of a miracle is the fact that the motorcyclist manages to keep hold of the cigarette in his mouth before, during, and after the crash. Whatever was going on, the rider was in quite the rush to flee the scene, and manages to pull his bike upright and remount it – but he’s held back at the end. We don’t know whether he got away or not…but we really hope he didn’t. Check out the video below.

The man that dodged the bike was quoted explaining the situation: “I just stepped out of the house, when a man riding a Yamaha bike approached at a high speed. I heard a loud sound, and turned around. Thankfully I responded quickly.” And that’s no lie!



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