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Latest Spy Shots Reveal Mercedes X-Class’ Headlights

I’m ready to test out this Mercedes X-Class

With last year having presented near-production designs of the Mercedes X-Class, it’s kind of a no brainer imagining how the final version of the mid-sized pickup truck will look like. Below we feature a prototype which is generous enough to let us have a look at the headlights fitted with a LED strip for daytime lighting as it is the norm with most of the company’s designs.


In the spy images, the tail lights can also be spotted in a glimpse, which, even though stay partly disguised by the swirly paint work, reveal that the clusters differ from that of the Nissan Navara upon which the Mercedes truck draws its inspiration from. The Mercedes designers are doing their best to achieve a distinctive look from the Navara which can already be seen on the prototype. Also, the covering of the dashboard by a black clothing might indicate that the X-class pickup truck is undergoing some modifications so as to achieve a different if not better look compared to that of its initiator.

The side profile of the truck shows it’s wearing a fuel cap pair situated at the rear fenders which bring us at one of the following three conclusions. Either one fuel cap isn’t genuine; the second cap aimed at covering the charging port as it was a plug-in hybrid, or the Mercedes truck featured binary fuel tanks to offer top-notch range. However, the chances of the prototype having an electrified powertrain are on the down low, as we would have seen a yellow warning sticker somewhere which is the rule for test vehicles featuring hybrid systems. Also, Mercedes’ hybrids have their second caps located at the rear bumper beneath the right tail light which facilitates for battery fill-ups, and not on the fender.


Shifting to what’s under the hood, the Mercedes X-Class top range version is going to utilize a V6 turbodiesel-powered engine with the less superior versions featuring a less-powered four-cylinder setup. For the pocket-friendly trucks, they will only have a front-wheel drive system, meaning for you to get a four-wheel drive system of the X-Class, you’ll have to remove top dollar.

With the production of the X-Class set to start late in the year, the first X-Class vehicles to get produced will get sold in various parts of the globe with the exception of the United States until further notice. The Barcelona Nissan’s factory will facilitate the productions that commence before the year winds up, which will then, later on, move to Renault’s assembly plant located in Argentina in 2018.




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