Laverda Museum 5

This Entire Laverda Museum Is Up For Auction!

Feel like buying an entire Laverda museum?

Published May 29, 2017

Want an exotic Italian motorcycle? Well, why not buy 81 Laverda motorcycles at once, including the building they’re parked in! This could very well be one of the most interesting motorcycle related auctions we’ve seen – and don’t forget we were just told that EBR Motorcycles are selling everything at auction, so the competition for “outrageous” auctions is pretty high at the moment.

Laverda Museum 5

When you think of Italian motorcycles, you quickly thing of Ducati, Aprilia, Piaggio, Lambretta, or MV Agusta, right? Sadly, very view people spare a though for Laverda, which is damn shame considering their racing lineage and celebrated build quality. However, if you’ve got a hunger for something unique, exotic and rare, then you should place a bid at this rather interesting auction. If the price is right, you could very well ride away with 1975 750 SC or a 1950 75 Turismo. You name a Laverda model, from factory prototypes to the legendary 1000cc Jota, and you’ll find it here.

Laverda Museum 4

But there’s a big problem…

You Have To Buy The Whole Laverda Museum Though

Laverda Museum 6

If you’re looking to add ONE Laverda to your stable, you’re going to be disappointed. So, before you dust off your check book or put your grandmother on eBay, you’d better hear this: you have to buy everything at once. That’s right, you have to buy the whole museum and all of its contents.That includes 81 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds – production models and factory prototypes, Laverda manuals and brochures, a wide range of books, trophies and collectibles, and pretty much any other type of interesting motorcycle paraphernalia that proudly wears the Laverda label. It even comes with the original 400 kilo (881 lbs) marble sign that used to sit at the entrance to the Laverda factory in Breganze!

Laverda Museum 2

The owner, Cor Dees, is looking for someone who will take care of this wonderful collection. However, it’s probably going to sell for a pretty penny. If you can spare a good few million dollars then you might well be in with a chance of winning this auction. We imagine that the competition is pretty stiff though… Think about it – 81 Laverda motorcycles in pristine condition, with price tags that range between 5000 euros and 135,000 euros, you going to need deep pockets to buy this place.

Laverda Museum 3

Despite the price, and the incredibly low probability that any of us are going to buy it, the online brochure makes for an interesting read. So, if you’ve developed a taste for Laverda and its history, head over to for the full auction details.

Laverda Museum 1

(Photographs from Phil Aynsley.)


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