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Leak Reveals 850 Horsepower Corvette C8 and More

Three Engine Choices, Continuation of the Corvette C7, and more.

Right now there is a lot of attention being pushed on the rumor of the Corvette C7 ZR-1 coming in January. Meanwhile, the poorly kept secret of the forthcoming C8 has a little more information coming forward. Thanks to a Corvette Forum user getting their hands on a market analysis document, we now know so much more.

Three Engine Options

We have been talking about a mid engine Corvette for what feels like years now and it seems to be true. However, there are also details on engine options as well as other release details. All of the upcoming choices for motors are V8s with two being DOHC. These look to be a 5.5L and a 4.2 liter. Meanwhile, the default engine in the 2019 release of the Corvette C8 is a 6.2L V8. The smaller two of these are likely to be making use of twin turbo setups.

The new engines up for option selects are already in production and GM has already set annual numbers. The 5.5L in the line is ready to be built to the tune of 5000 units per year from 2019 to 2021. Meanwhile, the 4.2L gets a little more out of GM’s factories with 7000 set to be produced annually.

Maximum Output and Power Calculations

The biggest engine option, the 6.2 liter V8, gets an impressive 14,000 in its year over year build plan. The smaller 4.2L, however, looks like it will completely replace the larger option after 2021. An interesting bit of information from the document is the ‘maximum output’ of this new engine family. This number comes in at an a huge 850 horsepower with an impressive 720 pound feet of torque.

Meanwhile, a little back of the envelope math shows interesting results for the twin turbo 5.5L and 4.2L engines. The larger of the two would be packing as much power as the upcoming C7 ZR-1. This puts it around 755 horsepower and 715 lb-ft of torque. The smaller is more comparable to the 650 hp the Z06 is making right now.

The document goes on with more direct and indirect information about the C8 as well as its predecessor. Part of this is the omission of any front engine models in the plan of model succession. As for the current C7, its production shows as continuing into 2021 instead of stopping with the 2019 model year.

A Cadillac Sports Car For Good Measure

A future Cadillac sports car gets a brief mention along with all of the Corvette information. There is little mention about this vehicle other than noting the plan for its existence. Seeing the results of other luxury brands making sportier models makes this an exciting prospect.

It’s almost overwhelming to suddenly get an info dump this big about something with so many rumors about. Three engine options and production numbers, power calculations as well as other model and brand leaks. While the Corvette C8 secret may not have been very well guarded, we now have much more to be excited about.


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