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The Top Ten Least Reliable Fiat-Chrysler Cars by Consumer Reports

Would You be Surprised if I Told You Half of Them are Jeeps?

Updated May 28, 2018

It is a bit sad to see that Fiat Chrysler has come to the point at which bloggers around the US work on list articles to show the 10 worst Fiat Chrysler cars when it comes to reliability. But here we are, and we (with some help from Consumer Reports) present to you, 10 FCA cars you should think twice about before buying.

As a preface, let’s just say that overall, Fiat is the worst, Jeep is the second worst, Chrysler is the fifth worst and Dodge is the sixth worst.

dodge charger


Dodge Grand Caravan

According to Consumer Reports, the Dodge Grand Caravan is not what it is supposed to be. It is not a family car at all. They described the car as having “lousy” fuel economy and criticized its “thin, low, and uncomfortable seats” and “poor” safety ratings. Not exactly words you want to be associated with a car you plan to drive extensively and stuff your entire family inside of. It is the worst minivan on the market. Period.

dodge grand caravan


Jeep Renegade

Interestingly, this is the first of five Jeeps on this list. Out of the ten worst FCA cars, every other car in the Consumer Reports research is a Jeep.

Produced in Italy and imported in the US, the Renegade is the first Jeep product to be exclusively produced outside the USA. Although the small crossover market is booming with similarly sized products, the Renegade has many faults to deal with. Reporters definitely despise the jittery ride, awful uncomfortable seating and really weak powertrains. Considering the car received almost all parts from other FCA products, expect problems fast.

jeep renegade


Ram 2500

As far as heavy-duty trucks go, the Ram 2500 may well be the worst of them all. True, it has many heavy-duty truck advantages, but now Consumer Reports is saying that the truck’s issues start with power equipment, emissions controls, four-wheel-drive components, and other sensors. Testers experienced a lot of vibrations in the cabin as well.

ram 2500


Jeep Grand Cherokee

As it seems, the Grand Cherokee isn’t that bad of a car at all. Actually, it is quite possibly one of the best Jeep products, but it seems that reliability problems just continue to build up.

Consumer Reports marked the Jeep Grand Cherokee reliability as “well-below average”. That being said, it’s still better than the Renegade.

jeep grand cherokee


Dodge Charger

Yes, we have heard everything there is to hear about the Charger Hellcat. But for normal civilians that don’t want 600+ HP in their grocery getter, the Dodge Charger doesn’t seem to be the answer they were looking for. While it does provide some fine creature comforts, the Charger will develop standard FCA issues after a year or so of ownership. Expect to see some of the unusual problems that smashed the Charger far away from the best in class in Consumer Reports ratings.

dodge charger


Jeep Cherokee

Yet another Jeep on our list, but this time it’s the regular Cherokee. Consumer Reports described the car with some of the worst possible adjectives you could imagine – “unrefined” character, “terrible” fuel economy, “jittery” ride, and “not very responsive” auto transmission. And there is the reliability – among the least reliable cars in the Compact SUV class. Not that this has anything to do with anything but while we’re on the subject, the headlights are ugly as hell, too.

jeep cherokee


Fiat 500X

Another import; the Fiat 500X. This car took last place in its segment, sealing its fate among the 10 worst FCA vehicles according to Consumer Reports. Apart from problems such as “idle vibration,” poor visibility, and a “touchy” brake system, the 500X has a whole bunch of reliability issues as well. Actually, it was the second worst in the reliability section overall, right behind – surprise, surprise – the Jeep Renegade.

fiat 500x


Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is the worst-rated compact SUV Consumer Reports has ever tested. It is a let down of a car in every imaginable department. In short, it does not drive well, it is not as roomy as it should be, it does not look good, and it is far from reliable.


Chrysler 200

This car, of course, had to reach the list; not many people liked the car in the first place and it hasn’t exactly been ‘flying off the shelves’ since it’s release in 2011. J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study slashed it badly as well, sealing its fate as one of the least appealing cars on market. As far as Consumer Report ratings go, the Chrysler 200 is “rough and unsettled”, “clumsy”, “unreliable”, and, above all, the worst-rated sedan in the midsize class.

chrysler 200


Jeep Wrangler

Finally, we have the Wrangler. Sure, the new model will reach us in a few months, but the latest one certainly has its share of problems that, unfortunately, land the Wrangler securely in the tenth position on our list.

In short, the Wrangler is outdated in every sense imaginable. It is uncomfortable, clumsy, “uncivilized” and it is not safe. Like, at all. With the Wrangler also comes the famous FCA reliability, prefixed with a very appropriate “un”.

I’m starting to get the sense that FCA is only really producing cars at this point because they can, and they have no real intention of making anything usable, innovative, or even remotely practical anymore. It’s all Hellcats and Demons from here on out, folks.

If you’re not going to give us anything safe, can we at least have some more cool stuff? I think it’s high time we see some brand crossovers and get SRT working alongside Alfa or Maserati. Let’s not forget, FCA owns those too.

Jeep Wrangler



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