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Lexus Shows Off The New 2017 RC F At The Geneva Auto Show

We’ve already seen the Lexus RC F in its announcement as its international race schedule was shown. We already know that Lexus is returning to racing with podiums on the mind. Now the crowds at the Geneva Auto Show are going to get a first hand look at this intimidating beast.

Unveiling the Race Ready RC F GT3

It’s been many years in the making but the finished product speaks to the pride Lexus takes in their cars. The Geneva Auto Show crowd will get to see its massive diffuser and rear wing first hand. The show in Switzerland is the official debut in Europe before it launches into its packed race schedule. It will be seen there as well as in American and Japanese series throughout the year.

Lexus RC F’s Busy Race Schedule

As far as its state side appearances, the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Series is its first stop. For this set of races, there are two models ready to go to ensure a fighting chance at a podium. Both of these are fully built and tested as track only models ready to take on the competition.

A further two are set to launch in the Japanese in the GT300 class on the LM corsa team in the Super GT Series. These are specifically built and tuned for the specifications of Japan’s series rules. Meanwhile, the European circuit is ready to see more success that Emil Frey Raring and Farnbacher Racing set down in 2016.

Based on the Road Model, Built For the Track

While the GT3 does have its roots in the street legal RC F, there have been some major competitive changes made. The engine has grown to a 5.4L V8 that turns out 500 horsepower over the consumer model 5L’s 467hp. At the moment, the torque output of the GT3 version varies between regions while its road going base pushes 389 pound feet.

All of this drops through a sequential six speed built specifically for racing performance. Shedding more than 1000 pounds from the street model also helps with acceleration, handling, and braking performance. The GT3 comes in at 2866lbs while the ones at the Lexus dealership weigh in at 3958 pounds.

The lighter, more powerful, and more aggressive looking GT3 is making its debut at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. While it’s there, it will be showing off to the crowds but also drawing attention to other Lexus vehicles like the LS 500h. After this week, the wait is finally over to see how this new GT3 competitor does across the world after all the hype it’s generated.

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