Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia Shows Its True Sinister Face Of Fury

Published April 3, 2016

Buying a Ferrari is like touching the end of the car world. One could not go much further before entering the murky waters of Koenigseggs, Bugattis, and other similar royalty. However, for some, even a Ferrari does not represent the ultimate achievement and in that case, tuners step up the game. Novitec was a famous tuner of Ferrari cars. Edo Competition as well, but the latest entries from Japan saw Liberty Walk tuning kits getting bolted onto the Prancing Horse cars and converting already mean machines into something absurdly insane.


This is the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia and it is every bit as mad as its looks suggest. The Liberty Walk body kit on this one is complete. The fenders are widened, the skirts deeper and the bumpers all changed to give the Italia a far more sinister look than any other body kit ever fitted to it. Receiver black paint job (actually, plastic dip job) only sealed the threatening and ominous character of the beast. This clearly is the next step to represent anger, enmity and fury. Yellowish front lights and enormous rear wing emphasize the exposed insanity this Ferrari clearly has in spades.


Completing the tuning kit is a set of custom built 20-inch ADV1 wheels and dark tail lights. All in all, this is not just a regular Ferrari 458 Italia. This one is keen to show all the anger the Italians injected in that awesome 571hp V8 engine in the middle. It surely can be updated and perhaps this was done in this case. Nevertheless, the stock Ferrari 458 Italia is capable of getting to 62 mph in 3,4 seconds (some recorded 3 seconds flat for the latest versions) and go well beyond 190 mph.

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