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Lifan planning to expand its range of cars rapidly?

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Lifan, the Asia worldwide known manufacturer of motorcycles, and more recently automobiles, has plans to bring out a new range of cars over the next four years. The new cars, as with Geelys upper class models may come as a bit of a surprise to China Car Times readers. Lifan were going to buy a state of the art factory in Brazil, and then take it to pieces, shipping it all back to China and rebuilding it in Chongqing (does that ring any bells) Were not sure what (if anything) came of that proposed deal. Lifan were also mentioned on China Car Times here, with this memorable quote from the managing director of the Lifan sales company in Turkey

Lifan 520

The Lifan 520 is Lifans effort at creating little bubble shaped hatchback, these models are all popular with BYD, Brilliance, Nanjing MG.The Lifan 520 was unveiled at the Shanghai Car show in 2007. The 520 hatchback will be on the market from September onwards.

Lifan Station Wagon:

Lifan SUV: This is expected to be on the market by September 2009

Lifan super mini – expected to be on the market in August 2009:

Lifan High Class Sedan: (an MG7/Roewe/Camry beating machine?)

Another Lifan Sedan:

Lifan MINI – This should be on the market by August, 2008.

So what do China Car Times readers think of the Lifan range of cars for the next four years?



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