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Lightning Motorcycles Are Taking Their New Electric “RR” To Speed Week!

Lightning Motorcycles: A new model needs a new name, and a new record to go with it.

Updated August 23, 2018

Not content with already having the “fastest production electric bike” title, Lightning Motorcycles are planning on pushing the boundaries even further and pursue a new record. You see, the good folk at Lightning Motorcycles have a new electric Hyperbike, but at the moment it’s only being referred to as the LS-2?? RR – which doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue.

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Lightning Motorcycle’s current flagship machine, the Lightning LS-218, earned its name after it managed to hit a rather incredible 218 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats back in 2012. Now that the company has a new and nameless model, what else is there to do but take it to Salt Flats and push it to the limit…and hopefully ride away with a new record and a new name at the same time.

Lightning Motorcycles: The Press Release

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In August 2012 Lightning brought its new electric super bike to Bonneville speed week and left with a top speed of 218 miles per hour making it the fastest production bike in the world.

In June 2013 Lightning brought its electric super bike, the LS-218 to Pikes Peak to compete in the Iconic Race to the Clouds and succeeded in beating all the other motorcycles to the top, electric and ICE, by a margin of over 20 seconds

On Sunday, 7/16/2017 Lightning took its never before run prototype LS-2?? RR to El Mirage, for a first ever shakedown run. The 211.730 mph first run was the second fastest among 90 purpose built land speed record racing vehicles running during this event and broke Lightning’s own standing start mile record of 189 mph set in 2012 with our production LS-218.

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With this first, record setting test completed, Lightning is now targeting SpeedWeek at Bonneville, August 12-18, to determine just how fast this new production RR edition of the Lightning production HyperBike will go.  Lightning is targeting the replacement of the two question marks in our new bikes name, with maximum speed numbers from our official time slip. Lightning’s new design has the potential to smash our own production bike world speed record of 218 mph.

“Our rider, Jim Hoogerhyde, has an impressive resume of race wins and landspeed records himself”, said Richard Hatfield, Lightning CEO, “but Bonneville Speed Week in August is lining up to be a special event. We look forward to working with Jim to replace the ?? with an exciting number for our LS-2?? RR”.

What makes this extraordinary bike even better, even faster, is Lightning’s cutting edge, higher density battery pack developed in collaboration with Farasis.  The new battery technology powering our next step in electric drive systems provides a torque “Curve” that is not a curve at all. The dyno chart shows a straight line from 100 rpms to 9,500 rpms. This new drive package along with a lighter more stable chassis design results in the most powerful and most ride-able bike we have ever built.

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At one time, being as good as a comparable ICE bike was considered the highest goal to be attained by any electric bike. For Lightning “As good as, is not good enough.” The Lightning LS-218 proved that we could deliver on that concept by setting the world speed record for any production bike.

In August, at Bonneville, the LS-2?? RR will be even better, even faster.

Innovation is Lightning’s DNA and drives our passion for building the best motorcycles in the world. At Lightning, that innovation, that drive for excellence, is not limited to the LS series of Super and Hyper bikes, it is in the design, the technology, reliability, ride-ability and the amazing fun factor of all our bikes.

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Lightning will soon reveal its additional line of motorcycles. All of them were designed and engineered with the idea that being as good as the ICE bikes in each of their categories was not good enough for our bikes, and we think you will agree.

Stay tuned for more world records, and more very exciting bikes from entry level to Hyper bike, from Lightning Motorcycles, the Most Technologically Advanced Motorcycle Company in the World.



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