In Motion Shot Of Jaugar Mark 2

Limited Run of Jaguar Mark 2 Designed By Ian Callum

Updated December 5, 2014

Several days ago, Ian Callum introduced the new Jaguar Mark 2 to the world. There was an immediate response from Gear Heads around the world. Classic Motors Cars Limited or CMC also announced that they will participate in this project.

Jaguar Mark 2 Designed by Ian Callum

Jaguar Mark 2 is a redesigned Jaguar, and was been launched a little less than a week ago. Jaguar Company has been working with CMC for 18 months on launching this redesigned version of Jaguar, and the new Jaguar Mark 2 will be extremely limited production. The car represents the redesigned version but the integrity of Jaguar remained.

Side Profile of the Jaguar Mark 2

The redesigned part refers to the shape and performance. After its technology and aesthetics have been modified, the car had better features regarding practicality and driving excitement. The car has refined 4.3 liter XK engine that has been coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. There is also improvement in the car`s independent rear suspension and front brakes. The Mark 2 rides on 17” split rim spoke wheels and bumpers.

The suspension includes: front side has a power assisted rack, uprated coil springs, roll bar and wishbone bushes, adjustable dampers and solid subframe mountings. The back side has next features: refined coil springs, independent rear suspension, blade control wishbones, outboard disc brakes, an anti-roll bar and adjustable dampers. The interior also received a few changes. Ian Callum said that the huge response from car enthusiasts surprised him, too. His first intention was to rebuild and redesign the car for himself but people actually recognized and appreciated the value of the redesigned vehicle. The price of the new Jaguar Mark 2 ranges from 350 to 374 thousand pounds.

In Motion Shot Of Jaugar Mark 2



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