Looking Forward to the Future of Ferrari

Could This Future Ferrari Be Exactly What We Need?!

Updated September 30, 2018

With the Bugatti Chiron’s fast-coming arrival, it’s natural to think about what the competition will bring – even if Ferrari‘s next hypercar won’t actually be revealed for nearly a decade. While LaFerrari has been and will likely to continue to be impressive in both style and performance, it’s still fun to ponder what parts of that model with pass on to the next and what new innovations will be added.

We aren’t the only ones fantasizing about Ferrari’s future, either. Up-and-coming 22-year-old automotive designer Aritra Das has released some stunning concept renderings for the LaFerrari successor. It is called the Zenyatta after the champion thoroughbred racehorse, hinting at its speed, and its style speaks for itself in the renderings.

It includes a beef-up version of Ferrari’s F1-derived energy regenerative system and gets its spunk from a bi-turbo gasoline engine coupled with two electric motors. This hypothetical configuration can put out over 1400 HP. Although there is no guarantee what Ferrari’s future will look like, who is to say there won’t be some influence from Aritra Das’ designs?

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