Loss for Words on this Elevated Chevrolet Tahoe with Forgiato Wheels

Forgiato Wheels Don’t Always Make Everything Better

Updated October 29, 2018

What’s there to say, really? On one hand, This Tahoe looks rather intimidating thanks to all the extra height. On the other hand, Forgiato team have yet again chosen the wrong set of wheels for it. I’m saying again because their flip-paint Camaro hadn’t exactly won any prizes. Speaking of which, neither did this Mustang GT, although it’s half as bad as the Camaro. So, why are they still fitting random cars with their oversized and overpriced wheels? Because there’s always someone that’ll like them. Plus, that’s what puts food on their table.

Chevrolet Tahoe - Forgiato Wheels 1

This particular Chevrolet Tahoe rides on Forgiato’s Indierto-T directional wheels. They’re quite similar to Indierto-B wheels that have found their place on Camaro we’ve mentioned above. They’re currently available in 22 and 24-inch sizes, and in blue or copper finish. You’ll note that Tahoe’s wheels are clean brushed. Keener eye will also note they’re 26-inch in diameter which means they were specially customized for the occasion. I’d say these offroad wheels better suit the likes of Wrangler, but then again, who am I to judge? At least dark green paint looks great.

Chevrolet Tahoe - Forgiato Wheels 2

If you take a closer look at this customized Chevrolet Tahoe, you’ll also notice that Forgiato team had to cut away the fenders and bumpers on both ends of the family SUV which now has bolted fenders instead. That’s because their large wheels wouldn’t have been able to fit under stock fender proportions. Otherwise, Tahoe has a little bit more chrome, different tail-light graphics, custom hood, and roof-mounted light bar. And a new suspension, of course. All in all, this Tahoe likely costs double the original price, unless it was range-topping model to begin with. I call it a bust. What do you think?

Chevrolet Tahoe - Forgiato Wheels 3


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