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The Lotus Elise S Cup R. Pocket Sized Racing.

 Hey, welcome to Today we’re going to travel the sporty route for a bit with a car that has been around for quite some time, and has it’s own fair share of notoriety. The Lotus Elise S Cup R is up for a quick discussion today. For the most part Lotus has been a company that has been steeped in racing prowess for a very long time, and their line of cars show this aspect daily. The Elise has been motoring around since about 1996, so that puts the line about 3 years short of a 20 year anniversary. Nevertheless, the micro machine sized, two door sport coupe, became very popular with those who wanted something with a little more “Oomph” than your average Civic. Weighing in at a mere 1,600lbs, the Elise had many a grown men smitten, when they first laid eyes on the bug eyed beauty. Now, let’s do remember that the Elise was underpowered by many standards, but it’s ultra-light body kept it in front of many of it’s competitors. The peppy 1.8L engine, in conjunction with a stout 5 speed manual transmission, used to make many a Porsche owner green with envy.

 As time moved on, the Lotus Elise had been given many siblings for those dedicated Lotus-Exige_S_Roadster_2013_fans of the brand. There were several variations of the Elise over the next few years, and one of the best versions came in the form of a race car. As soon as the Elise became a street worthy motoring star, it was bound for the track. Owners would pit their cars against each other during weekend club races, and other such tournaments to see who had the better car, just like any good car club. It was only a matter of time before the classic Rover 1.8L motor reached it’s limits, and was soon replaced by a similar displacement motor from Toyota in 2000. This was the birth of the Exige, a hard top version of the Elise.

Lotus-Elise_S_Cup_R_2014_2 It’s been 13 long years since lotus has made any real headway in the Elise brand name. The latest, and greatest news has been how Hennessy Motorsports took an Elise, stretched it, gave it over 1000Hp, broke a land speed record, and then dubbed it the Hennessey Venom GT. Which can be purchased as ordered, or can be driven daily on your local PS3 console. With that said, Lotus has made another tweak so to speak, to their beloved Elise, and it now called the Lotus Elise S Cup R.

When you look at the name, and then see the car, you kinda feel like you’ve been gipped, or a little let down. It’s that same feeling when your friend tells you that he’s set you up on a date with a hot girl, and when you get there, you’ve walked into one of those, “She has a great personality” incidents. Yeah, just like that. Anyway this new 2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R, has been built primarily for high speed driving. Mainly it should be driven on the track, but who really has time for that these days?

 Well, in all reality, you won’t have a choice in the matter. This Elise has been produced solely for the track, and anyone who can get their hands on one, won’t be able to register it as a daily driver. So, no showing off to the guys at the office on Friday. Any who, Lotus has opted to keep the same 1.8L, Supercharged, Toyota engine that has been running strong in the Elise S thus far. All 217Hp of it has been slightly upgrade with a new ECM, and quite a few trinkets that help the Elise in the aerodynamics department. As the British call it, the “Bespoke” features involve new diffusers, radiators, roll cages, racing passengers seats, light weight Aluminum wheels, FIA approved fuel cells, and some Carbon Fiber bits just to make the rest of the guys slap you on the shoulder when they congratulate you, for the win at the track yesterday. I’m just saying, it could happen.

 To wrap this up, the new Lotus Elsie S Cup R, will cost the average English Bloke a Lotus-Elise_S_Cup_R_2014_1hefty 39,200 pounds, and that loosely translates to around $62,000 USD. So, for those of you who love Lotus, and love to race in high stakes Cup Races, and have enough money for a car, parts, trailer, tow rig, small pit crew, and more time on your hands than Donald Trump on the weekends, then Go Speed Racer Go!!!!

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