Lucra LC470

Lucra LC470 – The 630HP Supercar That Every Newbie Can Control

The Lucra LC470 Price, Specs, And Top Speed!

Updated September 26, 2018

There are not too many individuals out there who have heard about the boutique automaker Lucra, yet some models are simply developed to become popular all across the world. The amazing Lucra LC470 roadster is not the type of car you can sell locally in just a few units, without expecting it to go viral. This is one of those models that you want to know more about. Believe it or not, this monster is handmade in San Marcos, California. The skilled engineers working on such projects look like they are only trying to scare people with their fast and loud cars. The LC470 model is one of those cars that can wake up an entire neighborhood in the middle of the night.

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You might expect such cars to require special pilot skills, plenty of experience and some training courses too. After all, large supercar manufacturers ask for such things in order to hand you a monster. Lucra LC470 is a little different though. This is the one and only supercar in the world that can be controlled by a newbie from day one. It has around 630HP and an impressive 7.0 liter engine. It goes from 0 to 60MPH in 2.5 seconds, while its top speed goes to 180MPH. With all this, it maneuvers better than plenty of other cars. It maneuvers better than slow cars too. You can take corners at an amazing speed without even moving in the seat. This is probably the most attractive element regarding this Californian monster.

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The idea behind this car is pretty easy to understand. Luke Richards is the name responsible for Lucra. He grew up alternately in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The two cultures might seem alike, yet they are completely different. Muscle cars seem to dominate the American market, while Europeans are known for lightweight vehicles. Luke’s primary purpose was to combine these two different styles into one. The outcome? The first result was very interesting – a car that was lighter than a Lotus, but had a powerful V8 muscle car.

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The new Lucra LC470 came to life in 2013. It is a supercar, yet it can be purchased by anyone who has a decent salary. You do not have to be an entrepreneur or a director in order to do it, but an above average worker too. It looks like a track monster, yet the automaker claimed that it is street legal. It is actually barely street legal, so there is always room for interpretations. It sounds hard to tell how this vehicle has managed to get certified, but one thing is for sure – it has succeeded.

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And The Lucra LC470 Price?

The Lucra LC470 goes to 60MPH in 2.5 seconds, just like a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. Bugatti costs $2.4 million though, while Lucra costs less than 5% of that. Currently, the Lucra LC470 retails for an expensive $135,000 – which is pricey, but nothing compared to the Veyron mentioned above. There is a cheaper version that comes without some of the extras…but why spend $90k on second best? Still, it cannot really match Bugatti in all aspects, but the cost efficiency will seriously add to this vehicle. It will obviously sell, especially since it is so directly oriented toward the average customer.

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