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Luxury Sport Car: The Factory Five GTM

Introducing The Factory Five GTM Sports Car!

Updated September 25, 2018

The Factory Five GTM is one of the most luxurious and fastest sports cars around. Men and women will look incredibly sleek and young whenever they are driving around in this cool vehicle; no matter who the driver is they will be the envy of the entire town or city that they are drifting through in their insane sport car. With a low top, you will be a low rider in this super car as you cruise through the suburban neighborhoods and zoom past cars on the highways. The Factory Five GTM actually has more horsepower than a Ferrari and will speed past any other sports car to beat them all in a race. Another great part about this super car is that it is less expensive when compared to Corvettes and Lamborghinis. There are, however, a bunch of pros and cons with this aesthetically beautiful, fast sports car.

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Cons Come with the Car

Even though the low roof looks edgy and has great potential for winning the sleekest looking car on the market today, the low roof also makes this car specifically for people who are of a short stature. Another negative point about the Factory Five GTM is that because it goes so quickly, it is very easy to oversteer and get out of control while driving the fast car. However, if you are a rather short adrenaline junkie, then this type of sports car is definitely a vehicle that you need to take for a test drive.

The Factory Five GTM Sports Car 2

Who is the Car Designed for?

This car is specifically designed for professional car racers who can handle a low riding, super fast, dangerous car because if this type of car was all over the typical highway and neighborhood roads then there would be complete chaos and more than likely car accidents everywhere. Since the Factory Five GTM is such a small, low riding vehicle, the professional sport car racer can easily–and safely–weave in and out of other cars in order to claim victory over their opponents. The typical, untrained driver would not be able to handle such a loose and easily over steerable sports car that goes faster than most Ferraris.

The Factory Five GTM Sports Car 3
Low Rider, Look Cooler

The Factory Five GTM is a great car to look into purchasing if you are a professional car racer. Because of how easily it is to oversteer in this low riding car, it is better to train and practice driving this sports car before actually buying the vehicle. By ensuring your safety you are also ensuring the fact that you will have a ton of fun while looking cooler than all of your business partners at the work Christmas party. If you enjoy riding low in your seat while driving, then the low roof that this car has will not be an annoyance, however, if you have a bad back or are over the five feet ten inches in height, then look into another car of the same brand with a higher hood. Take this car for one test drive and you will be hooked. Stay safe, and enjoy the race.

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