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Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles- The Cars And Bikes From The Movie

Get Up Close & Personal With The Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles

The silver screen brings plenty of outlandish vehicles into our periphery, but none have been as awe-inspiring as the impressive fleet that we saw in Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s been a while since the movie came out, but here we have an impressive collection of photographs that show off the stunning vehicles in all of their glory…before the hard riding and multiple action scenes took their toll on the machines. Fortunately, before the principal photography of the movie took place in Namibia, Australian photographer John Platt was called in to shoot all seventy five custom made beauties before they got ground into the dirt.

Unlike a lot of movie “props” these vehicles were more than just interesting sculptures for a bit of set dressing. Firstly, they were all built with a meticulous level of detail – to the point where every single car, truck or bike was more or less a character in its own right. And secondly? Well, they all worked. Every one of these fantastic machines can be driven. They’re mechanically sound. They’re not just show machines.

We first saw this collection turn up on the UK-based bike magazine Motofire, via John Platt’s own profile on the art and design platform Behance. So if you want to see the full collection you’d better visit John’s profile here. However, we’ve decided to grab a few of our favorite shots and stick them below… If you’re looking for some truly post-apocalyptic inspiration for you next build, then look no further. Grab some scrap, leave that natural patina as it is, and set your MIG welder to stun…! If anyone feels like sending us their Mad Max inspired results, we’ll happily showcase them for you! Anyway, enjoy the images…

And if you want a little more inspiration, take a look at this Behind The Scenes style video below…It’s well worth a watch.

Full credit to John Platt. These photographs are amazing!

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