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Made in America Cars. There are Only 8 for 2016

These Are The Most American Cars You Can Buy

Updated May 27, 2018

Every year kicks us in the teeth with what’s become automobile industry’s reality. Modern globalization trends have allowed much more maneuverability to the car manufacturers. For decades now, they’ve been able to control their gains and losses by moving parts or even entire manufacturing facilities abroad where production is usually much cheaper. Things went so far that the Congress had to pass the American Automobile Labeling Act back in 1994. The AALA defines the American-made car term. In order for it to earn the “Made in America” label, a car needs to contain at least 75% of its parts made either in the US or Canada.

So, why would the list of American-made cars be a kick in the teeth? Because there’s only 8 such cars for the 2016 model year. Before you start do despair, this is actually an improvement over the 2015 year models when there were only 7 American-made cars.Still, it’s quite a downgrade compared to previous years when there were never less than 10 vehicles with 75% domestic parts. Heck, there were almost 30 of them back in 2010.

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Not only that these eight last Mohicans are listed, but they are also rated by the number of assembly plant jobs they support. It’s easy to figure out that production drives employment, hence models produced in higher quantities support the most assembly-plant jobs. In other words, those models top the list of American-made cars.

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Assembly-plant jobs aren’t the only jobs these models drive, though. Dealers, suppliers, etc – they all benefit from car manufacturing industry, but stops here and only takes direct employment at the assembly plant into consideration. Furthermore, they relate the employment to the sales figures instead of production numbers. Take a look at the only eight vehicles which earn the “Made in America” label according to regulations. Click Next to view our list

8. Buick Enclave

Luxury mid-size SUV directly employs around 600 US citizens in GM’s Lansing assembly in Delta Township, Michigan. 80% of the car is made out of American and/or Canadian parts, while at least 15% of its parts come from other countries. What’s most important, engine and transmission are both American-made.


7. GMC Acadia

Another mid-size SUV and another one built in GM’s Lansing plant. Moreover, Acadia too boasts 80% American-made parts index while directly supporting around 1,200 American workers.


6. Chevrolet Traverse

Chevy Traverse too has the US transmission and engine, together with the final assembly in Lansing. Mid-size crossover employs around 1,600 American citizens, hence earning itself the sixth spot in this year’s American-made index list of vehicles.


5. Honda Pilot

We know Honda’s not the US manufacturer, but their mid-size crossover fulfills all of the aforementioned criteria. It contains 75% American-made parts, American transmission and engine, and most important, American final assembly. In fact, it directly supports around 1,800 US workers employed in Honda’s Lincoln plant in Alabama.


4. Honda Odyssey

Odyssey too is built in Lincoln, Alabama, and it directly supports around 1,900 American citizens. Everything else is pretty much the same as with the Honda Pilot.


3. Toyota Sienna

Japanese MPV is more American than any other MPV in the market, and pretty much more American than most of the cars found in the US market for that matter. Sienna directly supports around 2,100 US assembly plant workers from Princeton, Indiana. It features 75% domestic parts and 15% Japanese parts, but the engine and transmission are American.


2. Honda Accord

One of the best-selling sedans in the market directly supports around 3,600 plant employees from Marysville, Ohio. Whether coming with Japanese or American sourced tranny, Accord still features 80% domestic parts.


1. Toyota Camry

The best-sold mid-size sedan in the US easily earns the number one spot among American-made cars by providing for no less than 6,400 American workers. Assembled in Georgetown, Kentucky and Lafayette, Indiana, Camry has 75% domestic and 15% Japanese parts, hence transmission can come from either side of the Pacific.



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