Making a Million-Dollar McLaren P1 Even More Exclusive

Updated March 20, 2016

If you have the kind of cash reserves at your disposal that allow you to spend a million dollars on a new car, you’re probably entitled to expect it to be a pretty exclusive ride. The McLaren P1, which officially stopped being produced last December after only being unveiled to the world in March 2013, is definitely a car that falls firmly into the ‘exclusive’ category. Even though every one of the 375 cars were built to the buyers’ exact specifications, that didn’t stop 90% of owners having their P1s customized, with McLaren Special Operations giving them upgrades such as bespoke bodywork or unique paint jobs.


The P1 is a pretty special car even before owners add their own unique custom elements to it, not least thanks to its incredible hybrid propulsion system. The combination of a 3.8-liter twin-turbo gasoline engine and electric motor get the P1 from 0 to 60 in a staggering 2.7 seconds, largely thanks to the mind-boggling 903 combined horsepower it develops. Add that to the car’s incredibly light weight courtesy of its carbon-fiber bodywork and you start to understand just how special this car really is.

The car pictured here is chassis #200, and it is sporting a unique “Junaid Flame” exterior color that makes it the only P1 to leave the factory in any sort of bright red. This particular color is so unique that you’ve probably never heard of it, and that’s because it was actually named after the car’s owner, Fahad Junaid.

This stunning set of pictures was taken by an obviously talented photographer by the name of Ali Haji, who complimented the fire red color of this P1 by using real fire as a unique backdrop to the photo shoot.













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