Mazda Kai Concept

The Mazda Kai Concept Could be the Mazdaspeed3 We’ve All Been Waiting For

The New Mazda 3 Could Pave the Way to a New Mazdaspeed3 As Well

Updated October 29, 2018

The Mazda 3 is already a handsome car, but who knew Japanese designers could stretch the Kodo design language so much to create something like this?! It’s called the Mazda Kai Concept, and is perhaps the sexiest hatchback we’ve seen from the Japanese automaker, or anyone, for that matter.

Mazda Kai Concept Front 3/4

Unveiled next to the Vision Coupe Concept at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the Kai Concept takes the prospects of the hatch and adds a simple prefix in front, turning it into a proper hot-hatch. Hot hatches aren’t a new idea, but they certainly are popular, and this Mazda interpretation looks totally rad and very worthy of bearing the hot-hatch title.

The Mazda Kai Concept is One of the Best-Looking Hatchbacks to Date

While Mazda execs did not confirm anything about it, it is quite obvious the Kai Concept represents the next generation Mazda 3, and it also makes us hope we’re looking at the new Mazdaspeed3 as well. The concept does exactly what it’s supposed to: leave you longing for the production version. The Kai Concept takes some cool prospects from the RX-Vision we saw years ago and forms them into an approachable hatchback. The angry rear lights certainly remind us of the RX-Vision and at the front, a massive gaping mouth leans on slim and slick headlights which are even more aggressive even compared to the latest Mazda 3. These dramatic shapes and lines are contrasted by the clutter-free contours of the rest of the body. In essence, this car feels like a no-nonsense serious vehicle with the styling of an educated gentleman who isn’t afraid to be bold.

Could the Mazda Kai Concept be the New Mazdaspeed3?

Don’t think for a second it doesn’t have a properly powerful stance either. Mazda gave the Kai Concept properly flared fenders and wide, aggressive hips. These dramatic design cues may be sneaking hints at the next generation of the Mazda3, and we very much hope to see these features make the cut for the production model.

Advanced Engine Tech In the Mazda Kai Concept Would be Great in a New Mazdaspeed3

Aside from presenting extreme design language evolved from the Mazda cars we can see on the roads today, the Kai Concept brings a Skyactiv-X engine out to play. This innovative piece of technology looks to improve torque by 10-30 percent while reducing consumption and improving efficiency overall by 30 percent. In other words, Skyactiv-X with spark controlled compression ignition seeks to make gasoline engines diesel-efficient. Mazda isn’t the first company to toy with this idea, but they may be the first to reach promising results in early testing.

Mazda Kai Concept Front 3/4 2

The hearth of the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) system is a new Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) technology. The system is responsible for igniting a homogeneous air and fuel mixture by compression (similar to diesel motors). But it still does have a spark. See, a lean mixture of air and fuel under a light load isn’t exactly easily ignited. In that case, fuel is drizzled just next to the spark which ignites it if needed. I would have to go into great detail to present properly how all of this works, but it is fair to say that the SkyActiv-X is more efficient compared to the SkyActive-G. However, Mazda has some more kinks to work out before mass production.

All of this advanced technology exists in a two-liter engine allegedly powering this stunning Kai Concept.

We’ll have to wait for further details on the performance specs, unfortunately, but we’re sure Mazda could easily turn this gorgeous design exerise into a mouthwatering new Mazdaspeed3.

Simplicity in the Cabin as Well

Look at that cabin. No more buttons and no more strangely placed displays. The cabin shares a lot of prospects with what we have seen on the Vision Coupe Concept. A display smartly integrated into the dashboard seems to be the biggest improvement we’d like to see on more cars. Simplicity is of great importance here as well. After all, Mazda handles their design quite well. Premium well, might I say!?

Mazda Kai Concept InteriorMazda Kai Concept Cockpit Is this Mazda Kai Concept the face of the New Mazdaspeed3? Mazda Kai Concept Interior 2

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