Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Check Out This Stunning Mazda LM55 GT Concept!

Updated September 25, 2018

The Mazda LM55 arrives as a tribute to the sole triumph of Mazda at 1991 Le Mans!

We’ve seen enough of concept cars this year in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Gran Turismo video game, but right at the end of the year Mazda revealed its own concept car.

Mazda LM55 1

Mazda pays homage

In the year 1991 Mazda won the 24 hours of Le Mans and that made Mazda the only Japanese manufacturer to do so till date. The car to win the championship had worn the number 55.

And, now, 23 years later Mazda has dedicated its newest Vision Gran Turismo car to the feat. The concept car has been named LM55, homage to the company’s legendary Group C Mazda 787.

The concept car was revealed on the Christmas Eve, perhaps a Christmas gift to the fans? The car is similar in both its elegance and design to the miracle car of 1991.

Is it a concept for future or a concept without future?

Mazda LM55 2

Although through the video Mazda talks about the 787’s rotary engine, they didn’t disclose any sort of details about the LM55 car. It might mean that the concept would remain a concept and never see the actual turf in reality. However, the concept wears a Sky Activ badging associated with the piston on its stabilizer fin.

The Design

LM55, besides borrowing design from the 787B, also bears resemblance to the present Le Mans prototypes. As is the case with any other Vision Gran Turismo concepts, its design is equally radical. In the profile view, the concept car has quite a lot in semblance to the Porsche 919 Hybrid, Audi R18 e-tronquattro and Toyota TS040 Hybrid cars which raced for the eventual triumph at Le Mans in the current year.

LM55 from the exterior

Mazda LM55 3

The concept’s front is adorned by the characteristic Mazda headlights and grille. While the design is characterized by a nominal rear overhang, the front overhangs are much larger.

On the exterior the concept is branded by sensual, erudite curves closely wound around the mechanism. The car has also received a characteristic graphic treatment highlighted in the side view with plunging lines. The concept also includes a shark fin in the mid for stabilization and very prominent fenders covering the wheels that extends to the farthest corners of the car. Technical features comprise of the widespread use of carbon fiber in building many of the components, including the monocoque chassis. Overall the design gives an illusion as if a smooth silk fabric was swathed over the framework of a racing car, followed by its solidification in carbon fiber ensuring supreme torsional rigidity.

Mazda LM55 4

Gamers can download the Mazda LM55 which is available for the Gran Turismo6, the PS3 video game along with a Holiday season Update.

Although the Mazda LM55 may never become a real car, there are chances that it could inspire future prototypes.

Ikuo Maeda, Global chief of Design for Mazda, says that the concept’s design was approached in a similar manner as Mazda confronts complex issues. He also said that Mazda has always believed that confronting challenges is one significant part of who we are.



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