McLaren F1 vs McLaren P1

The McLaren F1 VS McLaren P1

The McLaren F1 Specs Weighed Up Against The McLaren P1 Stats!

Updated September 15, 2018

The first time I laid eyes on the McLaren F1 was the exact moment when my balls dropped. I remember seeing it on the cover of a now competitor’s magazine and I knew that I was witnessing the most provocative road legal vehicle of the decade. Reading off the stats of the car made it seem unfathomable to me how it would accelerate so fast and be so different from anything I had ever seen before. The looks of the car were not just futuristic but science fiction and the triple seating position made so much sense to me as you would need room for two hookers, not just one. The driving position would be similar to an F1 as you sat in the center of the car and light weight once you kicked out those BBW hookers. Using then only Formula One or NASA materials impressed me until I saw the price. At a starting price of $970,000.00 it was obvious no expense was spared as today if we calculate for inflation would show us the price to be $1,616,968.57 at a cumulative rate of inflation of 66.7%. So it’s no surprise that the McLaren P1 is going to cost somewhere in the same ballpark as its predecessor. Supercars such as this are what push our vehicles into the future and the new McLaren P1 is continuing to make strides in the department of Holy $#!T technology and stats.

McLaren F1 Specs vs McLaren P1 Stats

McLaren F1 vs P1

McLaren is made up of Sheldon Coopers and Howard Wolowitz types but with British teeth. The result makes for anally retentive assholes that know exactly what they are doing and because of it, they deliver a superior product that is near flawless. As we see a full carbon fiber monocoque similar to F1 cars, ridiculous Akebono brakes, impressive multi-functional active spoiler (works as air brake, down-force, and tray table for Milwaukee’s Best beer cans) and the crème de le crème kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) helping to give the electric motor 176hp thus placing the grand total for the car at 903 poop inducing bhp. It is said that in Saudi Arabia women cannot drive in fear that it will cause damage to their ovaries (true) and as stupid as it seems, once you see the P1 corner at full speed you will believe that many internal parts will start sputtering.


The McLaren P1 simply is amazing and a next step in performance for us GearHeads. It is able to operate on multiple levels such as being able to be uncomplicated and controllable on an everyday basis, the option to run nearly silently on electric power only (for when you sneak in from another hooker sess) at up to 100 mph and a race mode that drops the entire car 50mm and changes nearly every aspect to become a track demigod makes this a truly amazing work of science and engineering.


McLaren F1 Specs vs McLaren P1 Stats 2

Which McLaren?

From twenty years ago when I was wearing Keds, Lacoste and watching Rock-a-doodle to today….. when I still am wearing Keds, Lacoste and watching Rock-a-doodle ($#!T) we have seen two iconic vehicles that summed performance for their decades, the McLaren F1 for the 90’s and the Bugatti Veyron for the aught decade. So will the P1 be the car for the teens or will it go to the Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari or even the Lamborghini Veneno. Time will tell but today we are seeing incredible steps in automotive technology that makes me feel warm and fuzzy as it will trickle down to a car I can afford later on. So do we embrace the electricity or do we set fire to change and go rebuild our carburetors? Meh…. carburetors for now.


McLaren F1 Specs vs McLaren P1 Stats 3

McLaren F1 vs McLaren P1

This article was not a comparison of the McLaren F1 vs McLaren P1 but if it were me I would still have the McLaren F1 as it was and will forever be my ultimate dream car. What would you choose if you had to pick?



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