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McLaren P1 Roasting

A McLaren P1 Bursts into Flames and Nobody’s Sure Why(Video)

Check Out This Mysterious McLaren P1 Roasting in the Streets of the UK!

Published October 26, 2017

Calling all auto insurance investigators!  Check out this footage of a McLaren P1 that seems to have caught fire in the streets of the UK.  There is already a lot of speculation among internet users as to what has caused the fire, but we’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

Up Close Photo of McLaren P1 Fire Mysterious McLaren P1 Fire

If you’re a Mclaren lover, like myself, then you will find this video extremely difficult to watch.  We’ve done quite a bit of research to try and find out who the owner of this McLaren P1 is and to receive some sort of reason as to why it caught fire, but so far, no luck.

McLaren P1 Before Fire

The car in the video is a McLaren P1 supercar.  The McLaren P1 is a gasoline and electric hybrid sports car with a 3.8 L twin-turbo M838TQ V8 engine.  The McLaren P1 is capable of putting out 903 horsepower and 723 lbs foot of torque.  It can reach an impressive top speed of 249 mph.  This video is a terrible tragedy, partly because there were only 375 of these vehicles ever produced.  The fire most definitely totaled out the vehicle, making there only 374 left.

In the video, there are no signs of collision or the usual suspects for car fires. It does look like there is a fair amount of fuel that has leaked from the lines that is fueling the fire and causing it to spread rapidly.  Most of  the viewers of this video have commented that they believe the fire to be caused by an overheated or faulty battery.  However, that doesn’t necessarily explain the large amount of fuel that seems to be roasting on the car.  One of the individuals that filmed the video also stated that there was a trail of liquid behind the vehicle when the fire first started, suggesting that a fuel leak could be a large contributor to the fried sports ride.

We still have not been able to get a name for the owner/driver of the vehicle.  It looks like he made it out of the vehicle before the fire got out of hand (at least we hope so!).  However, the driver doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight during the filming of the video footage.  There’s a good chance that he left the scene because it was too painful for him to watch his $1 million vehicle being burned to a crisp.  That or he missed one of his outrageous insurance payments and skipped town to avoid the banks 🙂

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