Mean Looking 1973 AMC Javelin AMX Could Easily Pass as Mad Max Car

Updated July 8, 2016

Hot Rod Power Tour is something we have already mentioned a short while ago. This is where gems like this quartet of Tri Fives often appear, but that’s far from all that’s out there. This raw, yet stylish 1973 AMC Javelin AMX is one of those amazing finds we didn’t know about before. It’s still work in progress, but already displays abundance of potential. It will be interesting to see whether it ends up being a gent or a beast once it’s finished.


It’s Art Lucas who built this Javelin with help from his brother Jeremy who likewise is an engineer, and numerous shops where they also have plenty of acquaintances. They are both part of the group called “Late Haulers” who, as their name might suggest, always arrive at last instant whenever they go.


Brothers have been hunting for the Javelin when this one appeared in Columbus, Ohio. Bought straightaway, the car was transported to Art’s shop Powerhouse Customs, in Proctorville, Ohio where it would be restored and transformed. First order of business was the front suspension where stock parts were replaced by Control Freak’s tubular frame and dual A-arm suspension. That’s when it became possible to install that raw front splitter which makes this AMC Javelin so bad ass. BH Customs have completed it with the blessing of our engineering brothers. Apart from the fact that it really does what it’s supposed to, it’s all hand made, and as raw as it gets.


They have used the same hand-formed steel pattern for the engine bay which houses 6.2L L92 mill with an LS3 top end and Comp Cam camshaft. Heavy metal jacket is yet to be completed and installed by BH Customs and the Lucas brothers, and they should finish the job before SEMA. All the power coming from small-block Yukon engine is routed to the wheels and ground by Tremec T56 Magnum tranny and Yukon’s  Ford 9-inch rear.


Like most things with this car, wheels are also rather peculiar. Off-road models were built by Fuel, and they’re 18 inches in diameter. They’re wrapped in Nitto 555R tires – 245 front and 335 rear, while behind them Wilwood brakes peek through. Another interesting detail on this 1973 AMC Javelin AMX are below-fender exhausts – just like they were made 50 years ago.


Interior is largely unfinished and still a concept at this point, but Lucas brothers are planning on continuing with bare steel finish inside as well. Speed Hut LED gauges are currently the only non-stock part in there, together with House of Horsepower cage, RaceQuip harnesses, and racing seats. When interior does get finished, however, raw, yet stylish Javelin will truly become Mad Max-worthy. Pay attention next time you get the chance to witness Late Haulers’ correspondingly late arrival at one of the car shows across the country. Or wait for the next Power Tour which they haven’t missed since 2002. By that time, Lucas’ Javelin should be fully built.


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