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Lawrence German

Meet Our Gearheads Writers – LawGerman

Published August 5, 2012

Lawrence “LawGerman” German

We at Gearheads thought our readers might want to meet our writers and find who is writing all the stuff we post on here. We want to give our readers personal insight into who is writing, and give you the opportunity to interact with our writers as well. Giving our readers and opportunity to interact with our writers benefits everyone. Our readers get a chance to see who is behind the words on the screen, and gives us the opportunity to see what our readers have to say, and take suggestions on topics you want to see us write. You can interact with us on Google+ and Facebook, so please like us, add us, bookmark us, whatever you need to do. If you see an article you like, give the writer some kudos, if you do not like a piece, tell them why, and if you have something you want us to write about, let us know. For those of you that do follow Gearheads, if you think your particular ride is worth showing off, post a pic and a story on our Facebook or Google+ pages and we might do a story about you and your ride! Now without further ado, let me introduce our first writer!

Lawrence German


Lawrence “LawGerman” German has been writing for Gearheads for a short time now, but has posted some great articles and has a definite talent for writing about anything with four wheels. Lawrence has written about semi-trucks, concept cars and other great topics. Here is a little bit about Lawrence, or LawGerman as you know him on Gearheads:

Lawrence has been a car freak since he was a little kid. He did his chores and homework on time just to get his allowance to buy a new Hot Wheels car. Lawrence soon realized he had a knack for looking at a vehicle and being able to point out the pros and cons, and did not hesitate to tell anyone that would listen. Today Lawrence enjoys analyzing anything on wheels, giving praise where it is due, and jeers where they are well deserved. One of his favorite things to do is discuss anything on wheels with his friends, and anyone else who will listen. Lawrence welcomes comments on any of his pieces, so please feel free to let him know what you think!

Please feel free to comment directly on WordPress, or enjoy the interactive experience we can offer on Facebook and Google+. Lawrence is just one of our writers, so keep reading so you can meet the rest of the writers and others that keep Gearheads fresh and interesting.


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