Meet the 2012 S197 Mustang Built For One Thing: Drag Racing

Published December 11, 2016

When a driver has spent enough time on the drag strip, they just know by default what they want and need. In the case of Doug Paddock, his daily cruiser absolutely needed to become a drag strip monster. Lucky for everyone, he knew exactly how to get there with his 2012 Mustang and his results show that. 2

At the moment, he’s been participating in quarter and standing mile events, holding records for Coyote power. He has both the Texas and Colodaro standing mile at over 215 miles per hour. The goal for the next Texas event is to clear the 250mph bar and set it high for other Coyote engine challengers. At the moment, his best quarter mile run sits at 9.03 at 159.7mph but there’s more room to improve. 1

The Coyote motor is nowhere near stock anymore with 1700 horsepower that somehow remains street legal. The improvements made include a 316 cubic inch displacement boosted with a twin turbo. Camshafts and the crackshaft are all new as well as a fresh set of pistons. The twin turbo that we mentioned is a Precision Turbo 6466 setup that creates 30 pounds of boost. 4

The car blew its way through a number of 6R80 transmissions, leading to an ACE Racing Transmission 4L80E. This transmission is typically pushing power to the wheels of Jaguar and Bentley vehicles. It’s all supported by a custom built suspension setup that suits road and strip purposes equally. This includes all new control arms and shocks as well as a fabricated subframe. 53

From there, we see the safety features because nobody should be drag racing without them. A single parachute deploys to assist the big Wilwood brake system to bring it down from over 200mph. The cage has certification from the NHRA for standing miles and quarters down to 8.5 seconds. This also includes extra support bars and window mesh along with a fire suppression system.

That interior roll cage was redesigned around Wolfe and Overkill builds meant for road and drag racing. This means that if Doug repeats his history of being upside down, he’ll live to race another day. The fire system is closer to a funny car’s than a standard drag setup with nozzles in the interior and engine bay. That makes sense given that the car runs M1 methanol as its racing fuel of choice. 1

The final touches are  the aerodynamic changes that have been made to the car. All panels are custom fabricated and removable for quick swap in case of damage or repair. Both on the rear and under the car are components that create additional downforce.6

This 2012 S197 Mustang is about as far from its factory state as we can imagine. However, Doug plans to take it further and we look forward to even better quarter and standing mile results. At the moment, we’re left wanting for more info and footage. Luckily for us,he travels between strips in Colorado and Texas, we’ll get what we’re looking for in time.

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