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Memorial Day Salute To Jeeps and Humvees

We look at the vehicles that hauled our troops to the front lines


When we look at today’s modern army we see that the vehicles are playing more and more of a vital role. In this article were going to look at some of the United States military vehicles that have served their country well. As we pay tribute to our fighting men and women we will also look at the vehicles that have helped out.


If a General of the U.S. Army comes up to you and says that you have 49 days to come up with a working prototype for vehicle that would be used for reconnaissance as well as many other applications. This vehicle would be in service for decades and be built and shipped around the world and copied by many. This of course was the beginning of the Willys Jeep that would become an icon. The U.S. military asked 135 companies to produce the first prototype and only two would end up taking on this almost impossible feat. The first prototype known as the Bantam reconnaissance vehicle would be driven to Camp Holabird in September 1940 and be built by Bantam. The Army considered the Bantam factory to small therefore giving contracts to build the vehicles to Willys-Overland and Ford Motor Company. By the end of the production for WWII over 640,000 jeeps would be produced and see over 40 years in the service with a massive variety or roles.


In 1983 AM-general would win the military contract to produce 55,000 Humvees for use in two years time. Humvee would actually start off being called HMMWV which the for high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle. The Humvee or Hummer would take over the military’s role of the Willys Jeep. The Hummer would be outfitted with several different accessories in order take on multiple roles on the battlefield. The vehicle feature unique drivetrain and suspension setups that would allow for 16 inches of ground clearance making it able to traverse large obstacles. This vehicle would play a vital role with its multiple uses in the military’s campaigns.


Just these two vehicles have been a huge asset for the US military and so therefore we salute the men and women that work to build these vehicles that would help soldiers around the world do their duty as though they may not be the most beautiful vehicles to some they certainly hold a special place in the hearts of our fighting men and women.



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