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Mercedes-AMG Brings Night Package Option to the AMG C63 Coupe

Updated January 4, 2018


So you’re considering the new Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe, but it’s just not quite exciting enough for you, huh? I mean sure, there’s the 469 horsepower (503 on the C63 S) biturbo V8, but you’re after a little more… style. Well, the AMG team at Mercedes-Benz has just what you’re looking for. The newest C63 and C63 S Coupes will soon be offered with the Night Package option that adds some unique and assertive visual touches.


With styling cues like high-gloss black side mirrors and window frames, as well as a blacked-out front apron and grille, the Night Package truly lives up to its name. This appearance suite also adds gloss-black tips to its quad exhaust setup, and darker window tinting all around.


Admittedly, the Night Package adds nothing to the functioning of this powerful luxury performance coupe, but it does deliver an interesting visual appeal. Think sinister in a really sporty way.

With its powerful 4.0-liter biturbo and seven-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT transmission, the new C63 gets to 60 miles an hour in just 3.9 seconds, while the C63 S does a tenth better than that. Both of these performance rockets have wider tires than their plain C-Class siblings, with overtly flaring fenders to accommodate the extra rubber.

AMG C63 Coupe engine

Evolution of the C-Class

In recent years the Mercedes-Benz C-Class lineup has taken on a decidedly more luxurious and classy feel. And while no Mercedes can be called shabby, the C-Class Coupe—and the C63 in particular—is downright extravagant. No detail was overlooked in the cabin, with the AMG cockpit styling being especially driver-friendly. The Nappa leather seating and surfaces are spectacular, while the walnut trim adds just the right amount of warmth.

AMG C63 Coupe cabin

These two newest additions to the Mercedes-AMG lineup will begin showing up in U.S. showrooms in the summer of this year with a 2017 model year sticker on them. Expect to pay around $65,000 for the C63 Coupe, and add $13,000 or so more for the C63 S. Oh, and for the Night Package option? A mere $900 will get you the icing on the cake.



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