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Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe As A 911 Turbo Nemesis

Stunning AMG GT updated. AMG then surprised us with an all new version – the GT C Coupe. A stunner. Ok, they did not exactly surprise anyone as we known for the coupe version of the GT C for quite some time. It slots right between the AMG GT S and the AMG GT R. Inheriting some tame stuff from the S and some hardcore from the R. The end result is a car you should be buying if in a market for something like this.

GT C Coupe is wider at the back – with a kit covering wider wheel track. It also has that cool R front grill, massive intakes with radiators behind them for added cooling. Sure, it isn’t as powerful as the R, but 550hp won’t make you need more. The C took the rear wheel steering as well as a few chassis tune ups from the R, too. With all the tech, it will definitely try to steal some of the Porsche 911 Turbo buyers. It could be a bit less expensive compared to Turbo, though. The car revealed in Detroit is a special “Edition 50” model. AMG built it celebrating the 50th anniversary since they started their operations. Only 50 will be produced and all come in an exclusive finish called Designo Graphite Gray Magno.

The numbers are stoking. 60 mph hit in 3.6 seconds. Not as fast as the Porsche 911 Turbo, or even the GTS, but this is slightly different kind of a car. With dry sump engine, beefy tires and a character to match Mercedes silver arrows, one would be honored to track day it.

For the purpose, AMG included ‘AMG Track Pace’ software. It’s an app recording the drive, lap times, telemetry stuff and all that gearhead mumbo-jumbo. Once done, one can share it on social networks, or even on the YouTube. Expect that. It seems the AMG Track Pack works on lesser GT and GT S as well.

Now, we did say lesser, but consider that the facelift did give the GT and the GT S more power than before (GT goes up to 470hp, while GT S touches 515hp). While the entry level GT will certainly put a huge smile on any face, for those looking for an edge in track driving the S and above are a premium. See, they come as standard with electronically controlled limited-slip diff, adaptive and adjustable damping, as well as fantastic mode selector with a Race written on it. The GT does not have these, but it does go with mechanical limited diff, a bit simpler suspension and other. Not to worry, though. It’ll blow you away.

With the new GT C, AMG GT family now has a considerable number of different versions. And we are still expecting the Black Series. Imagine what a weapon that one will be.

The GT R obviously brought a number of tech for the GT. Now, everyone took that Panamericana grille, active aero touches, and bigger intakes. We saw all of it first on the GT R. Now, AMG scaled it down. It looks fabulous.


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