Mercedes G500 4×4² Is All You’ll Ever Need from an Offroader

Published February 22, 2015

When Mercedes introduced their insane G63  AMG 6×6 the world was amazed. That showed that the Germans actually have a sense of humor and the car they’ve created then soon became one of the most beloved new “I-don’t-need-it-but-I-want-it” off roader in the world. Daimler executives wanted to limit the production to only 30 units, but the demand was so high, that they’ve ended up producing almost 100 units in a year or so. That is rather astonishing if you consider that the car goes for €500.000 ($570.000). Now, you probably wonder why are we talking about that T-Rex of the offroad world while you are looking at this lime green FOUR wheel G class. Apparently, this exact G-class dubbed G500 4×42 will serve as some kind of a replacement for the ginormous G63 AMG 6×6 which will certainly be beloved for many years to come.


As Mercedes officials reported, the G500 4×42 is still a concept car and the Germans said that the production version isn’t really far away, but they are waiting for response from the visitors of the Geneva Motor Show where the car will be unveiled for the first time. So if you happen to go there please kneel on your knees and ask them politely to produce this thing! You probably wonder why should anyone do that as the car is basically a G class with a bigger ground clearance. Well, amazingly, the car isn’t only a pretty face, but it has so much off road tech on it that, if produced, it would set a new benchmark in off roading as it has all the bells and whistles that crazy ass 6×6 had.


First of, let’s get some facts straight here. The Mercedes G500 4×42 has a ground clearance of almost 18 inches, it rides on off road tires covering 22 inch wheels (and they look like 18 inches on the thing btw) and the car has a fording depth of 1000 mm (almost 40 inches). Now, these are some impressive numbers. Despite giving the G-class such class bending characteristics, the G500 4×42 still echoes the sporty character AMG has given to the impressive 6×6. Front bumper is sourced from the AMG, the engine is sourced from the AMG as well and the damping is controllable by the Sport switch inside. How cool is that? You basically have an ultimate off roader which characteristics can be adapted to suit the need of a speed freek. And still you have a car with approach and departure angles of 52° and 54°. Sick.


Regardless of all of that tech, the only real concern we had was the number 500 after the letter G. What does that mean!? We know that “normal” G500 is powered  by an engine producing 380 or so HP, but this should be a sporty off roader. It pleased us to read that the engine in the G500 4×42 is AMG sourced four liter twin turbocharged monster you could find in an AMG GT. The truth is that the engine is slightly detuned in comparison with the one in the AMG GT, but with 422 HP we are certain it’ll provide the G500 4×42 with the performance to match its looks. It is interesting that this engine is used mainly because it is able to meet Euro 6 emission standards which are now mandatory in Europe.


So, we have to wait for that Geneva Motor Show and for the reaction of the wheatley sheiks who would drive this car over sand dunes in deserts. We hope they will produce it, so we can see once more what the mighty dollar can actually do.





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