Mercedes GLE Coupe Now Available with a Sharp Red Interior

Published June 25, 2016

 It’s increasingly the opinion amongst consumers that the interior of a car is just as important as the exterior. With that in mind, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to add a touch of life to the interior of their vehicles and ultimately, make them stand out for the crowd. It’s definitely fair to say that Mercedes have achieved that with the latest interior style of their GLE Couple, in red crocodile skin.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 2

Despite its garish colouring, the interior of the car definitely takes the appearance of a luxury vehicle, with quilted leather, a suede headliner and carbon fibre trim. It’s pretty clear from the outset that this is a product designed to provide luxury driving, however, the choice of colouring is definitely a confusing design choice from Mercedes.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 3

Mercedes aren’t entirely to blame for the garish nature of this vehicle, however. This custom interior was actually requested by a customer. A customer with a clear love for crocodile skin and the colour red. However, when a customer has as much as this to spend on a luxury vehicle, it’s difficult for Mercedes not to comply. That being said, it’s difficult to see this model making its way to widespread consumer availability any time soon.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 4

A flashy interior isn’t the only thing this car has going for it, however. Mercedes have also thrown in a fair bit of extra power in this vehicle, including an additional 131 horsepower and 117 pound-feet of torque that make this already powerful V8 powered vehicle even more technically impressive.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 5 Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 6 Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 7 Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 8 Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 9 Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 10 Mercedes GLE Coupe Interior 11



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