“Mercedes Royal 600” with a Look of its Own!

Check Out This Strange One-Off Machine: The Mercedes Royale 600

Updated October 4, 2018

This Mercedes is definitely a one of a kind production with a very unusual combination of attributes that is gaining attention everywhere it goes. It is very hard to understand just exactly what the builder of this car had in mind due to the fact that it appears to have several different concepts and designs going on that really don’t flow together. It appears to incorporate similarities to almost every generation of Mercedes that has ever been manufactured.

Mercedes Royale 600 1

The 1970’s called and said they want their grille back. All joking aside; the grille has a 1970’s appearance and it is centered between two modern SLS style headlights. The majority of the unique design appears to be based on the the “fintail” S-Class W111 and W112 generations of the Mercedes. The unique design of the wheels appear to have been intended to replicate hub caps. The overall representation of the wheels could be considered to be a modern luxury version of the infamous Chevy Super Sport Rally wheels by some muscle car enthusiasts. The side vents, headlights, and taillights are definitely similar to SLS design concepts. The Chrome Bumpers are sort of a blast from the past as well.

The interior designed seems to be all on the same page. Similar to the luxury interior you may see incorporated in a W222 S600 Mercedes.

Mercedes Royale 600 2

Overall; this is definitely a very unique car and will probably be the only one made that will increase its value over the years similar to other unique builds in the past.

Mercedes Royale 600 3

Mercedes Royale 600 4



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